Hot Guys in Jeans Doing Hot Things

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    Apple pie aside, there’s nothing more American than a fine lookin' man in a pair of snug fittin' jeans. To celebrate the end of Who What Wear’s denim week, we’re saluting all those other boys in blue. Whether you like a dude in a button fly or prefer those new fangled zippers thingys, this slideshow is sure to make you feel patriotic. Oh, and randy.

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    PHOTO: via Sean Ryan Pierce

    Staring into the distance, thinking about all the ways you're hotter than Beyonce.



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    PHOTO: Gastro Chic

    Bundling up (like his momma told him).


    Image via Gastro Chic

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    PHOTO: Sous Style

    Serving a charcuterie and wine spread worthy of a Tuscan trattoria.


    Image via Sous Style

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    PHOTO: Ben Colen

    Taking a break from skateboarding to stare soulfully into your eyes.



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    PHOTO: Gastro Chic

    Willingly talking fashion. More specifically, how fringe is the new black.


    Image via Gastro Chic

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    PHOTO: Sous Style

    Cleaning up after himself.


    ‚ÄčImage via Sous Style

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    PHOTO: Courtesy of Adam Katz Sinding

    Growing a beard (facial hair is the new fringe).


    Image courtesy of Adam Katz Sinding

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    PHOTO: Austin Hargrave

    Making more jeans. (Pictured: Tim Kaeding of Mother Denim)


    Image‚Äč courtesy of Jean Stories 

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    PHOTO: via Sean Ryan Pierce

    Thinking about how he can make America a better place/giving us a peek of his undies.



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    PHOTO: Courtesy of Burberry

    Harry Styles being Harry Styles. (We know he's British but whatever). 

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