18 Earrings That Let You Fake Multiple Piercings

Nicole Akhtarzad

In case you're wondering how today's shopping story came about, it all started when our editor in chief, Kat Collings, pinged me with a link to these Maria Black earrings from Net-a-Porter, as we usually do when we find something share-worthy, whether to buy or simply admire. Aside from being awesomely affordable, the accessory also gives the illusion of two separate piercings, despite only requiring one. As a single-pierced gal myself, you can imagine how exciting not only this find was, but also the realization that there are countless of these illusion-creating earrings out there. So, here we are, with a roundup of the coolest earrings on the web, that let you fake multiple piercings and get that layered look you always wanted.

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