How Fashion People Are Dressing for Summer, According to Their Star Sign

At Who What Wear we spend a great deal of our time researching trends. Whether it's a seasonal micro trend (hello capri pants, long shorts and linen blazers), or a resurfacing classic (Mary Janes, trench coats, and simple maxi dresses will always be on our lists), it's likely we've covered it. But with so many new and trending aesthetics, it can be difficult to choose which are the ones really worth investing in.

After waiting for an eternity for the warmer shift into summer (not just for the exceptional weather, but because it means the start of spring/summer dressing), there is no better time to start building a wardrobe that will not only work hard but feel entirely unique to us—enter star sign styling. For the sceptics among us, reading up on your horoscope might not be a regular activity, but there is something to be said about how our personalities affect the way we choose to present ourselves and what makes us feel our most confident, and for many of us, that is revealed in the way we dress.

summer fashion star signs

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Should you be burnt out by the constant cycle of "Mob Wives" vs "Tomato girls", straight-leg jeans vs skinny, and midi vs micro, the answer to your most streamlined wardrobe may just be written in the stars. We asked Ling Choi, astrologer and happiness coach, to give her expert opinion on the summer trends that are best best suited to each sign's personality traits in order to help you find the pieces that will speak to you the most.

Whether you're a passionate fire sign, instinctual water sign, curious air sign or an artistic earth sign, keep scrolling for an experts tips on how to dress your best for summer 2024, as told by the zodiac.

1. Aries

aries: star sign fashion

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"Aries, the first sign of the zodiac (and a fellow fire sign), you are a natural born leader—assertive and fearless," notes Choi. "As a go-getter, you are always up for action or a fun adventure, so channel your energy into clothes with sleek cuts and bright colours. With your bold attitude, you can definitely rock styles with a military or sporty flair too. Want to enhance your look? Aries rules the head, so hats or statement accessories will help you stand out. Or, you could simply let your hair go big and free! With Mars as your ruler, wearing red is your power colour, just like your warmth and strength."

2. Taurus

Taurus: Star sign fashion

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"Taurus, ruled by Venus, embodies elegance and beauty. As a dependable earth sign, you are the builder who make things happen," adds Choi. "You are careful with money but you are also willing to invest in tasteful high quality pieces that withstand trends. Be sensuous with natural fabrics like linen and silk this summer, and accent your grace with earthy neutral hues, but especially green, your colour. Create a unique finish by accentuating the neck and throat, a Taurus focus area, be it a twilly scarf or a necklace, or even a shoulder-length haircut, your Venusian aura will shine."

3. Gemini

Gemini: Star sign fashion

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"Gemini, the versatile curious communicator is always up for trends and mixing & matching styles. As an air sign ruled by Mercury, fashion is one of your ways to communicate your playful side, and so, outfits have to be versatile for different types of occasions and even your moods. You have the ability to blend contrasting styles together, so to avoid boredom (and blowing up your bank account), invest in staples so you can be creative and layer up and down with colours and styles. Gemini rules arms and hands, so go creative with your jewellery and hand accessories or go bare (yes) by wearing a strapless dress or a top with beautiful sleeves."

4. Cancer

Cancer: Star sign fashion

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"Cancer, you are the nurturing and intuitive water sign that symbolises motherhood. You are good at finding bargains and vintage finds, and clothes passed along your family line have significant meaning to you," notes Choi. "Having the luminous moon as your ruler, let your clothes flow like your emotions. White, silver or pastel colours as well as flowy sheet fabrics are not only comfortable but also comforting. A gentle, feminine silhouette dotted with floral or crochet patterns will make you feel in tune inside out. Cancer rules the chest, although low-cut design is not in sync with your soft taste, you can still wear a tight shirt or a layering tank to add extra allure to your look."

5. Leo

Leo: Star sign fashion

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"Leos turn heads and they know it, because life is always a party! As a regal fire sign, you adore luxury and only opt for the best. You show up like your ruler, the sun, at the centre of the zodiac system, and as such, you are here to encourage others to shine in their light. Glamour is your first name, and your creativity and confidence takes up space and radiates through your outfits, not only through bright colours like gold, yellow, sequins and bold patterns, but also through signature pieces and silhouettes that draw attention. Your sign rules the heart and the back, so flaunt them with off-shoulder pieces and low-back dresses. Remember to wear a chic hat or let your mane go wild and loose–the lioness way."

6. Virgo

Virgo: Star sign fashion

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"As a meticulous Mercury-ruled earth sign, the health-conscious organiser Virgo is known for being detail-oriented," muses Choi. "Loose threads and wrinkles are big no-nos, so simplicity and natural fabrics are the ways to go. Timeless pieces with creamy, neutral tones are your staple, and you are 'no-compromise' in your style, but you do prefer items that can be mixed and matched for multiple occasions. Your sign rules the digestive system and abdomen, so you fully understand that every detail counts. That is why you take your time for your routine and dressing up because there is beauty in everyday life. Opt for pieces that highlight your waistline or finish your look with a sleek belt."

7. Libra

Libra: Star sign fashion

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"Libra, also ruled by Venus, is an air sign of balance. You embrace beautiful designs and aesthetically-pleasing colours, and your charming and elegant demeanour brings balance everywhere you go. Your wardrobe is filled with designer labels and well-fitted clothes with harmonious colour tones to pull off an effortlessly chic look, however, you may have such a wide array of options to choose from that making a decision can be difficult. Soft pink and blue looks good on you, but it is natural for you to play with the colour spectrum. Libra rules the kidneys and lower back, so tops with nice waistlines or interesting hems can at the same time highlight and add chicness to your silhouette."

8. Scorpio

Scorpio: Star sign fashion

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"With Pluto, the god of the underworld as your ruler, Scorpios are the observant, fearless detectives, exuding an air of mystery and magnetism, in which fashion plays a part. A deep water sign of all-or-nothing, you choose whom and what to show and share with. Just like your mood, your style has an intense undertone, and see-through lace and dark leather show both your boldness and passion. You look good in black, but with a hint of burgundy red you transform your aura. Scorpio rules the reproductive system, so opt for clothes that enhance your hips or simply, your aura in general. Your look is completed with your soulful eyes, matching your eye makeup with your look."

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Star sign fashion

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"Sagittarius, the philosophical yet optimistic traveller is always up for an adventure. Freedom and movement is your motto, and as an international fire sign, you learn through life and travelling, and so, prefer a relaxed look," observes Choi. "You don't let your clothes restrict your lifestyle! Your happy-go-lucky colour is purple, but you let this vibrant world surprise you. From colours to patterns, to fun accessory items, you draw inspiration from different cultures and regions around the globe, creating your own signature blend. Boho or western matches well with your attitude, and as a sign that rules hips and thighs, invest in a good pair of denim or linen shorts with a belt or flowing dress to show off your legs!"

10. Capricorn

Capricorn: Star sign fashion

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"Trends come and go but Capricorns, the executives, know what they want and are here to play the long game. Classics and simplicity are your cup of tea. Having Saturn the time master as your ruler, you value styles, well-tailored clothes, fabrics like leather that face the test of time. Your appreciation of history may draw you to styles from a certain era or vintage items with history. No matter what, you will always dress right for the occasion. Bone structure, knees and teeth are associated with your sign. That is why many Capricorns are drawn to clothes that bring structure. A power suit is always handy and you can dress up and down with it. Keeping everything tactful, besides monochromic black and white or brown, neutral colours blend well into your wardrobe."

11. Aquarius

Aquarius: Star sign fashion

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"Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius, the forward-thinking sign is all about individuality and innovation. You do not follow standards blindly and this is your strength," recalls Choi. "Everything unique catches your eyes, from local designers to ethical brand promises; and you tend to dress for yourself and your vision. You are not rigid, so casual style is more your thing, but staying true to your originality is always utterly important. Sky blue looks good on you, but don't limit yourself! As your sign rules the shins, wear boots with skirts and shorts to move between meet-ups and events with carefree breeze."

12. Pisces

Pisces: Star sign fashion

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"Imaginative, poetic and creative, the last sign of the zodiac system, Pisces loves to dream. Ruled by Neptune, this water sign seeks inspiration from tales and the mystical realm. Being In touch with your emotional waters, you let your intuition guide you, not only in life but also in your fashion choices. Flowy feminine clothes decorated with romantic details appeal to you, and not only does the vast ocean bring serenity to you, but it is also your soothing hue. Even though Pisces are fish, you rule the feet, so embellish your look and tell the full story by wearing adorned shoes."