8 Micro-Trends That Seem Random Now But Will Be Everywhere Soon

micro-trends 2022



Here at Who What Wear, we focus a lot of our energy on showing you the biggest trends of the season, and while we'll never stop covering the heavy hitters, there are several micro-trends worthy of honorary mentions. While these aren't making major style moves yet, I firmly believe that it's only a matter of time until they graduate from micro to macro or, in other words, from niche to mainstream.

After hours of online shopping (all in the name of research!), I'm sharing the eight micro-trends on my radar at the moment. I double-tapped these pieces when I spotted them in my feed and noticed them stocked at several key retailers, which tells me that each one is on the brink of becoming huge. Plus, they're just plain beautiful. From the upsized sequins that will soon define party dressing to the trucker hats that are ultra-popular on TikTok, keep reading for fashion's coolest micro-trends of 2022.



One trend I'm suddenly seeing everywhere is paillettes. The XL sequins are defining a new wave of party dressing that nods to the '60s. Thanks to labels like Jonathan Simkhai and Paco Rabanne, they're adorning everything from party-ready attire to statement bags.

Jonathan Simkhai's pieces need to be experienced IRL to be truly appreciated.

I tried this on during a recent visit to Saks, and now, I'm convinced I need to buy it.



First, we saw sporty sunglasses emerge, but now, fashion people are taking the unexpected accessory trend to the next level with even more futuristic-looking shades by the likes of Gucci and Balenciaga. What we're dubbing alien shades are sunglasses with an extreme wraparound shape and reflective lenses that look otherworldly.

Such a good affordable option (and they come in black).

One of my favorite jewelry brands is venturing into eyewear with this particularly cool pair. Color me obsessed.

A subtler but still trendy pair.



Call it the Bella Hadid effect, but suddenly, everyone and their mother is wearing Adidas Sambas. The soccer sneakers are low-key, a little retro feeling, and casual enough to go with plenty of different outfits, so it's not hard to see why they've really taken off. A model's stamp of approval doesn't hurt either. On top of that, a buzzy Wales Bonner collab introduced the sneakers in new color options that became instant hits among the fashion set.

The sneakers everyone has in their cart right now.

This green pair is highly in demand at the moment.

I haven't seen this color combo everywhere (yet), so it still feels fresh.

If you wear white sneakers constantly, these are a cool addition.



We've already noted how the strapless trend has been defining 2022 already. But within the '90s silhouette, we're starting to see a specific piece bubble up—the handkerchief top. There are cool-girl iterations coming from Tibi and Nanushka.

Just wait until you see the back detail.



Did you think you'd see a trend roundup without a mention of the Y2K redux? Well, you thought wrong. The early-aughts fever has yet to simmer down, and this next trend handpicked from the era is proof. Chiffon pieces, especially those featuring soft ruffles and delicate ties, are on the rise. With all the pretty skirt sets and dresses to choose from in a range of pastel hues, this just might be the prettiest Y2K trend yet.

Rat and Boa has all the good chiffon sets right now.

Shop the matching Cobra Skirt ($165).



This year's answer to "naked" dressing has arrived. Sheer skirts, from 2000s-inspired delicate chiffon to beach-ready crystal-embellished mesh, are gaining traction among fashion's biggest risk-takers, and so far, the risks are being well rewarded. Style one over a swimsuit as a cool beach look or opt for solid-colored underwear for a sultry night-out ensemble.



Hailey Bieber and all of fashion TikTok are in agreement here: Trucker hats are *the* accessory of summer 2022. While you can throw one on with any casual outfit, we're seeing them styled most often with swimwear as a fresh alternative to traditional sunhats.

Urban Outfitters has tons of cool trucker hats right now.

Tell me you're from L.A. without *telling* me.

Shop the men's section for this one. Or better yet, raid your dad's closet.

This one may be on the more niche end of the spectrum, but I've personally been clocking the rise of body jewelry among fashion's earliest adopters, and I just had to share—not just any jewelry, though. I'm seeing styles that are made from a simple cord and feature a crafty assortment of beads. Whether worn as a belly chain, anklet, or necklace, prepare to see much more of this funky accessory trend.

This NYC-based brand has the most stunning beaded creations.

Show it off with a low-rise skirt and crop top.

If body jewelry isn't your thing, a necklace is an easy way to get in on the trend.