This Emerging Fall Trend Could Replace Classic Leather Jackets


We've seen "dad" jackets in all shapes and sizes lately, from the distressed-leather toppers at Prada to the revival of bomber jackets, so it should come as no surprise when I tell you that there's a fresh new silhouette in town, and it's as cool as they come. It's true that classic leather jackets won't ever truly go away, but they've faced some serious competition in recent seasons, going up against heavyweight trends such as leather blazers. And now, I want to bring your attention to a new wave of leather outerwear that I think will come to be as important as classic motos in the coming months: racing jackets.

Inspired by Italian streetwear style, these racing jackets are just what the sartorial doctors ordered. They feature a single-button collar with a boxy, oversize fit, and according to vintage experts we've spoken with, the colored-leather options are going to be especially hot-ticket items on the secondhand market. (Cue up 2001's Motocrossed—the biker theme is strong here.) Every fashion person still has a leather jacket in their transitional wardrobe, and it's safe to say that we've been overdue for a fresh redesign. Well, just as winter is melting into spring, the 2022 leather-jacket editions have arrived. 

Continue on to see this emerging trend on the fall 2022 runways and how fashion's early adopters are already styling it on social media. Shop our favorite versions along the way.


(Image credit: Diesel)

Glenn Martens, the designer behind Diesel's exciting revamp, is up to some really great things—and we're paying attention. Most recently, the designer sent utilitarian biker jackets down the fall 2022 runway (accompanied by a skirt-belt hybrid no less), and we think it indicates a new crop of updated leather jackets.


(Image credit: @georgia_3.0)

Style Notes: Look out for bright colors like blue, red, and yellow that really pop.


(Image credit: @devonleecarlson)

Style Notes: Soften up the jacket's tough nature when you style it with delicate pieces like a slip skirt.


(Image credit: @lucyraemcfadin)

Style Notes: Look for key details when shopping this trend, like a single snap closure and center zipper.


(Image credit: @reneebellerive)

Style Notes: The trend is just starting to percolate on Instagram but is already all over TikTok, which is where we first spotted it.


(Image credit: @samimiro)

Style Notes: Double up on leather pieces to really lean into the motocross vibe.


(Image credit: @sofiamcoelho)

Style Notes: While black leather jackets will always be classics, we're seeing an influx of colored leather in these racing silhouettes.


(Image credit: @shop_aberizk)

Style Notes: Only a handful of brands are making new versions of these vintage jackets, so if you do shop secondhand, try searching for genuine racing brands like Schott.


(Image credit: @amandaaamus)

Style Notes: Early adopters are already styling the jackets with another key 2022 trend: low-rise trousers.

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