Every Plus-Size Girl Needs to Know These Zara Shopping Tips

If you were to ask any fashion girl to rattle off some of her go-to shops, nine out of 10 would undoubtedly include Zara on her list. Honestly, we’re right there too. The fast-fashion mecca stocks some of the most forward, on-trend items that look designer—sans designer price tags. While Zara carries sizes S through L in most stores and online, the brand doesn’t stock as many pieces in XL and up. In fact, to help impact change, one Spanish teenager recently created a petition, calling on the retailer to start selling more sizes in its stores. After that, Zara started to expand its size range. To dig a little deeper into this matter, we went straight to some of our favorite bloggers to get their thoughts on how well Zara does plus-size and get their tricks for navigating the brand if you’re not a size 2.

Keep scrolling for the ultimate guide on how to plus-size shop at Zara, including tips from three It bloggers. Plus, go a bit further to check out some of our favorite finds on the site right now that are available up to an XL.

What are your tricks for navigating larger Zara sizes? We want to know in the comments below!

Opening Image: @AliceCupcake99