16 Zara Pieces That Are All Over the Streets of NYC

Once upon a time, Eva Chen—friend of Who What Wear and New York’s unofficial fashion authority—pegged this matching set as the Zara outfit every girl in New York City was wearing. While some time may have passed since Chen’s spot-on declaration, and trends have certainly changed, the omnipresence of Zara’s sartorial hits the city has without a doubt remained quite the same. (Fun fact: There’s a location a mere three blocks from Who What Wear’s NYC HQ that’s perfect for lunch-break shopping trips.)

So with that in mind, we decided to revisit the topic and round up the new pieces real NYC girls are buying and wearing from Zara this summer. From We Wore What blogger Danielle Bernstein’s woven flats that we could have sworn were designer to Dakota Fanning’s sundress of choice for beating the heat to the items you simply have to look around a New York hot spot to see on someone, we’ve found them all. 

See and shop the affordable finds below!  

Opening Image: We Wore What