Zara Said Let's Party: 30 Pretty Going-Out Shoes That Have My Jaw on the Floor

Zara party shoes



Whenever I'm getting ready to go out for the night, my plans usually come first and my outfit choice second. But ever so often, it's the other way around. On occasions like this, I find myself invading the group chat to cook up some plans just so I can get the chance to step out in a new party-ready piece. Shopping for an occasion that's yet to be planned? Some might call it delusional, but I call it manifestation. And whether or not your weekend plans are already set, Zara has something to say about it.

The retailer launched an edit of party shoes, and as you can imagine, it's filled with sequins, crystals, metallics, and high-octane colors. Nearly every pair has me shook, especially the below 30 pairs, which I'm losing it over. So if you've been needing a reason to grab your friends, press play on Beyoncé's new summer anthem "Break My Soul," and hit the dance floor, then look no further than these epic Zara finds.

Platform wedges are the latest shoe trend that has the fashion world talking.

I've been seeing a lot more paillettes, aka large-scale sequins, in the latest designer collections, and naturally, Zara's already on top of it.

These disco heels are just what the doctor ordered.

A compliment-worthy color if I've seen one.

Not all going-out shoes need to be heels. Hello, pretty flats!

I'd suspect these were a cool vintage find if I didn't know any better.

Look closely and you'll see that these give the illusion of a raffia insole.

Apparently, Zara's all in on the paillette trend.

Yep, gold heels actually go with everything.

Barbie heels all summer long—please and thank you.

These feel both trendy and timeless.

The color trend everyone's talking about right now.

Red heels are actually much more versatile than you'd think.

I'm taking notes on the sock styling here.

If Carrie Bradshaw shopped at Zara, she'd definitely pick these up.

"Glass" heels are quickly becoming a thing.