32 Things From Zara, Madewell, Shopbop, and Mango I Want to Wear in November

What to buy in November



November is a historically busy month for most of us. Between holiday preparations and celebrations, travel, concerts, sporting events, dinners out, etc., there are a lot of outfits to plan—especially this year, as everyone is eager to get back out there after the abysmal holiday season that was 2020. And since you're busy, you probably want your shopping to be quick and easy (I certainly do.)

While gearing up for my busy November schedule, I came across tons of great pieces from four places in particular: Zara, Mango, Shopbop, and Madewell. Among the new arrivals, I found chic outerwear, denim, accessories, sweaters, boots, and much more. I selected a few specific pieces from each that would be especially great to wear this month—some casual and some a little more festive. Shop them below, and I wish us all luck in navigating this busy (but hopefully fun!) month ahead. 


It's not a normal sweater-vest—it's a groovy sweater-vest.

I can't get over how expensive this looks.

I love the faux-leather wrist details on this teddy-bear coat.

The chunky soles on these riding boots make them even cooler.

The 2021 way to wear a denim jacket.

This skirt is so simple but so good.


Only ACNE Studios knows how to make something so pretty also so cool.

It's the rose-colored lenses for me.

Wear this with a blazer and jeans for your next night out.

Zip-up boots are emerging as a major micro-trend.


I support wearing this sweatshirt on repeat this month.

It's November, so it's time to upgrade to a corduroy shacket.

Moon boots are about to be everywhere.

Proof that Madewell makes some of the best oversize flannel shirts.

Sometimes you want to wear jeans but still want to be comfortable. Enter these jeans.


I'm surprised this one isn't sold out yet.

At $50, these are definitely worth a try.

Camel coats are great, but so are fun ones.

This is what I call a special basic.