24 Zara and H&M Items Fashion TikTokers Are Completely Obsessed With

While TikTok may be my destination for a good laugh after a long day, I've recently found myself scrolling through the app to look at styling videos and product hauls scattered through my for you page. Many of the app's users are pros at finding affordable picks, and whether it's showcasing stylish gems at Target or showing their latest thrift hauls, Gen Z knows how to get a bang for their buck. 

Zara and H&M are prime shopping destinations on the app, a simple click into both retailers' hashtags will lead you to hundreds of videos. The try-on hauls are my personal favorite because you get to see products up close on real people in all different sizes. You can end up scrolling through these videos for hours, so I did you a favor and rounded up some of the best affordable items that fashion TikTok can't get enough of. From ribbed dresses to playful knits, there's an item below that you'll want to add to your cart.

This comes in a variety of colors.

Wait till you see the matching cardigan.

All you'll be wearing around the house this season.

Wear this as is or layer under a sweater vest.


A little fall haul no one asked for 🍂 #h&m #haul #automn #outfitideas

♬ original sound - D A V I D🔥

I immediately added this to my wishlist after seeing a video about it. 

Emma Chamberlain wore flared yoga pants so I wore flared yoga pants.

You'll want this in all the colors.

According to a viral video, this is "the most flattering dress."

Leather pants are perfect for the cold weather.

The jeans that are all over my for you page.

Anything that looks like it's inspired by Harry Styles is an immediate yes.

If its puff-sleeved, fashion girls on TikTok will love it.

H&M denim is known to be comfortable.

Can you tell TikTok girls love ruching?

Dressing like a grandpa is trendy this season.