TikTok's Coolest Stylist Told Me 6 Trends That Will Define Fashion in 2021

TikTok is the app I haven’t been able to peel my eyes away from this year. With content that feels a bit more raw and fun than the glossy photos hitting my Instagram feed, I’ve been addicted to TikTok videos and feel particularly inspired by the fashion I’m seeing there. The outfits tend to have a more casual, edgy, Gen-Z vibe than I’m used to seeing on other social media apps or the street style scene, but the looks are perfectly timed for this year when we’ve been quarantining and our daily lives (and outfits) have shifted.

If you’re wondering why the fashion there has become so cool lately, you probably have a stylist to thank. Case in point? Tabitha Sanchez, who's one of TikTok’s most in-demand stylists. Working with clients including Chase Hudson, Ondreaz Lopez, Quen Blackwell, and Vinnie Hacker whose follower counts are all in the millions, chances are you’ve already been inspired by the looks Sanchez has styled.

Even though she got her start in fashion just two and a half years ago, she’s already carved out a spot as one of the biggest TikTok stylists. Starting out by juggling jobs in NYC as an editorial styling assistant and bookstore employee, Sanchez got her first big break when she was hired as an intern to stylist Alex White. “She’s a fashion legend and someone whose editorials I grew up reading,” Sanchez told us, “The magnitude/quality of Alex’s work is unlike anyone I’ve worked for and has heavily influenced how I approach fashion.” That editorial training is clear and certainly weighs into what sets Sanchez apart.

She originally got into TikTok styling as a way to stay busy when quarantined in New York. “I downloaded the app in March and noticed potential and that designers weren’t necessarily working with the teenagers on the app,” Sanchez told us. “I emailed about 40 people and only one person responded and it spiraled from there.” Her client list has only grown since and Sanchez has quickly established herself as an expert in the TikTok fashion space.

With a major hand in defining the fashion unfolding on the app, I was curious to hear Sanchez’s take on which fashion trends we can expect in 2021. Ahead, she’s sharing the six cool trends she’s betting on. Trust me—you’ll want to add these to your wardrobe immediately.

Smart Shopping

TikTok fashion trends 2021: smart shopping


@moxeb; Pictured: Asai Takeaway top

“Shopping smart and knowing where your dollar goes. I think that young people are really in tune and aware—more so than any other demographic—of what they’re spending their money on. That’s why I personally like shopping small, local, vintage. I buy from Black designers as often as possible. Black Fashion Fair and the team behind that is something everyone should be paying attention to.” — Tabitha Sanchez

TikTok fashion trends 2021: cutouts


@subsurface.tv; Pictured: Subsurface Hostess Pants ($205)

“I’ve always loved sleek cutouts, and I’m seeing more and more on TikTok. Maximilian Davis, Dion Lee, and Oriens all have some of my favorite pieces as of late. And funny enough, Shirley Tang, the designer behind Oriens, is a former intern of mine.”


TikTok fashion trends 2021: grunge



“Not sure if grunge is the right way to phrase this trend, but all of my clients have been asking me to cut up their shirts, distress denim, and overall make their clothes look like they’ve been worn hundreds of times. Ties in with this resurgence of pop-punk that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.”


TikTok fashion trends 2021: crochet


@thevisuelofgrace; Pictured: Simonett Nanu Top ($69)

“One hundred percent the Harry Styles effect. During the early stages of quarantine, you couldn’t swipe through your FYP (For You Page) without seeing people recreating the JW Anderson crochet sweater Harry wore last February. Most recently, I’ve been seeing people recreate the Gucci gloves he wore in the Golden music video. So many amazing designers have sprung up because of this and I can see this trend continuing on the app in 2021.”

“Right now, everyone is wearing tennis skirts on the app, and I can see this trend crossing over to the New Year and shifting slightly to keep up with current runway trends. I loved the skirts from Alberta Ferretti, Miu Miu, Laquan Smith, and Versace. Bright prints, interesting cuts, and bold colors.”


TikTok fashion trends 2021: minimal



“Think of creators like Wisdm who are trailblazing the fashion space on TikTok. His looks are always super clean and tailored while being casual. I don’t see this going away anytime soon, especially given the state of the world. Simple outfits that look good are going to continue to be a huge part of 2021. Once we’re able to start going out a bit more, I think we’re going to see a lot more experiential fashion on the app.”