10 Zara Items Spotted All Over Fashion Month

After fashion month finally wraps, we love to play a little game called Spot the Zara. The game goes a little something like this: We wait for street style photographers to post their stunning new images, we take time combing through the files trying to find the Zara items that snuck their way into the outfits of some of the industry's most stylish women, and we share them with all of you. This season, there were surprisingly a lot of product home runs. Certain pieces (particularly footwear and snakeskin items) were spotted not one but multiple times across New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Even if you hate to admit it, when Zara gets something right, it gets it really right, and we have the street style images to prove it. 

Ahead, we chose the 10 Zara products that created some of our favorite fashion week outfits of 2018. While unfortunately some of the exact product the women ahead are wearing is now sold out, we shopped out similar items so you can still get the look, in addition to the pieces that are still available. Let this roundup act as your official guide to the best Zara fall items of 2018.