All the It Items of Fall 2018 (So Far)

Even though fall has barely just begun, the fashion crowd has been wearing the biggest trends of the season for months now. And since fashion month is wrapping up, four cities later, we can say with confidence that we know what the It items of fall 2018 are. 

Spotting It items is a big part of our job, and between street style, Instagram, and those wait-listed pieces that no one can seem to get their hands on, we don't have any trouble with the task of pinpointing them. This season, we settle on 13 pieces that are defining fall 2018. Some of them are specific items, and some are a specific type of item, all of which are informed by the season's biggest trends: '80s, Western, animal print, dad sneakers, and general "extraness."

You know the drill: Keep scrolling to find out which pieces all the cool fashion girls are wearing this fall and to shop them for your own closet.