Every Cool 2019 Trend Is Sitting at Zara

If you’re anything like me and don’t actually want to wait for 2019 to arrive to put all of the best 2019 fashion trends to the test, I have some great news to share. You can wear all of the biggest fashion items of 2019 right now. After a recent scroll through the new arrivals at Zara, I spotted every about-to-break piece for the New Year, ripe for the ordering.

Yes, these include cool trends spotted at the runway from New York to Paris as well as the fashion items that have been gaining momentum on the Instagram and street style scenes. Ahead, I’m breaking down the 2019 fashion trend essentials from Zara you can add to your shopping cart right now, starting at just $20. Go on to shop the best pieces for the New Year, and scroll to the end to see the one shoe buy every fashion girl will be wearing once 2019 arrives.