I'm a Fashion Editor Who Avoids These 7 Things at Zara But Always Buys These 7



While I love perusing the new arrivals section at Zara (both on the job and off), there are a few items I tend to avoid at the retailer. Shopping among the thousands of products can be a tad overwhelming so my personal breakdown can make it a lot easier. I'm not saying to never buy the items below because some of my don'ts might be your favorite section to shop at, and that's okay. But as an editor who's tried out my fair share of Zara items and has chatted with my coworkers on the subject plenty, I've taken note of the items that have upheld their quality over time.

Ahead, take a look at the items that I will always buy from Zara and the items that I tend to pass on. The dos on my list include items that I feel always look expensive, have great quality, and grant me the most compliments out of any other Zara purchases (and trust me—I have many). Keep scrolling to see and shop the items I think are worth the purchase.

Avoid: Handbags
Buy: Trousers

I don't switch out handbags often, so I'd much rather invest in a vintage or designer option. Trousers, on the other hand, I will always buy from Zara. I wear mine often, so it's nice to find a pair that's affordable. Not to mention they fit just right, come in a variety of colors, and are incredibly comfortable. 

Avoid: Jewelry
Buy: Party Pieces

I tend to wear the same set of jewelry on a daily basis, so I'd rather not spend money on costume jewelry that'll rust or break easily. But if there's something I like to play on the fun side with, it's party pieces. I've worn Zara at almost every bridal shower, holiday party, and formal event I've attended and the retailer has never let me down. From silky dresses to sequined shoes, Zara has got you covered.

Avoid: Flats
Buy: Heels

On a surprising note, most of my Zara flats have ended in blisters and pain, yet I still own heels I bought from the retailer over three years ago. I only wear heels on special occasions, so I'd rather not blow my budget on a Manolo. Zara to the rescue!

Avoid: Sneakers
Buy: Boots

If I'm going to buy sneakers, I'm going to buy them from brands that specialize in athletic comfort (New Balance, Nike, Adidas, etc.). Boots, however, are fair game at Zara. I own a few and wear them to the ground, yet they still garner the most compliments out of all the shoes I own.

Avoid: Underwear
Buy: Loungewear

Skims bras and Aerie underwear will always be my holy grail. But if you take a look into my loungewear drawer, you'll find a lot of Zara. The pieces are comfortable, of course, but always innovative in design compared to any other average pair of sweats and joggers.

Avoid: Puffer Jackets
Buy: Coats

Facing New York winters, I have to take dressing for the weather very seriously, and Zara puffers just don't cut it. The retailer's coats, on the other hand, get the job done. The selection is extremely expensive-looking no matter the price and I promise, they do keep you warm. 

Avoid: Leather
Buy: Denim

I don't always avoid leather at Zara, but I do tend to take a look at the item in-store first. In the past, some of my leather orders have ended up looking a little too shiny and cheap-looking for my liking. But with denim, many people can never tell the difference if I'm wearing Zara or Agolde. The price is ideal, the silhouettes are always on-trend, and I rarely have to visit the tailor which is a rarity for me.