31 Special Zara Basics I'd Wear Throughout 2021

There have been many occasions in which I've needed something last minute so I just impulse-order it from Zara. It's great for that. But these days, without many trips and events to shop for, I'm perusing Zara for basics more than anything else. The beauty of Zara basics is that they have a wide variety of both "boring" (in a good way) and special options. I prefer the latter, so let's discuss.

2021 is probably still going to be weird but one thing is for sure—we're all going to need basics to wear. This is always the case. Zara excels at designing basics with a twist. By that, I mean that an item may have pretty jeweled buttons, or an interesting shape, or a cool asymmetrical detail—anything that sets it apart from all the millions of other basics on the market. This attention to detail is part of what makes Zara so very popular, and why I plan on wearing its basics throughout 2021. Scroll if you want to join me.

Click through to see the jeweled honeycomb buttons up close.

Has anyone else discovered the joy of knit dresses lately?

This just restocked so don't let it get away again.

Shrug sweaters are a trend that I hope continues well into 2021.

A flannel shirt that's actually polished—I'm into it.

The matching skort is sold out, but I still want the blazer.

The best color combo there is, IMO.

Here's the top if you want to spring for the set.

I suddenly need a sweatshirt cardigan.

This easy-to-wear dress is $40 well spent.

I strongly advise getting these before everyone else does.

I'm always on the hunt for cute fancy sweatshirts.

I predict that shackets will continue to rule in 2021.

So many current denim trends are on display here.

This is in the running to be my new everyday winter bag.

Miniskirts are going to be very popular next year.

This is my idea of a basic, feel free to disagree.

These are already sold out in black, so you should probably hurry.

Brushed metal makes this look luxe.

Just think of all the outfit possibilities.

It's never too early to think about that transition to spring.

I'd gladly ditch sweatpants for these.

This is getting me excited for spring.

In case you plan on wearing heels next year, this pair should ease you in.

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