The 2017 Zara Items That Will Break the Internet

Photo: Zara

Just weeks into 2017, Zara is already proving to the world that it doesn't plan on slowing down in any regard anytime soon. The fast-fashion retailer kicked off the New Year with a selection of products so strong we honestly didn't know where to start. In an effort to help us narrow down the key players of Zara's S/S 17 collection, we reached out to Laura Kubica Grigerová of EDITED, a retail analytics company, to give us the inside scoop on the Zara items that they predict will move mountains this year. 

Laura said, "We identified top womenswear trends for spring 2017 and matched that with top moving products from Zara. EDITED identifies top moving products as the ones that perform well in the following metrics: price constancy, quick selling, and rapid replenishment." In addition to the general roundup of products that EDITED pulled data for, we expanded upon that to identify each with a trend that will be notably present in 2017. With that said, we all know how quickly the top-notch Zara items sell out, so we highly recommend you snatch up the below selection while they are still in stock. 

Scroll down to shop the Zara items that are sure to take off this year!