I Asked a Celebrity Hairstylist for the 5 Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

There’s no denying it—as a society, we’re somewhat preoccupied with cosmetically reversing time. From a plethora of anti-aging serums and overnight miracle masks to eventually considering the fillers, many people want to dip into the fountain of youth. While most onset signs of aging appear in the skin, hair can also show age beyond just grays. Yes, color plays a role in dictating your age-defying look, but we’re here to prove that certain hairstyles possess the ability to make you look (and feel) younger.

New York–based celebrity hair colorist and stylist Mark DeBolt spills the secrets of youth by sharing the five hairstyles that can appear to reverse your age. DeBolt is also the mastermind behind Naomi Watt’s seemingly timeless hair, so I think it’s safe to say we trust him. DeBolt’s biggest piece of advice: “Hairstyles with less layering are best. By maintaining a more blunt cut, the hair will look fuller and thus, more youthful.” With that in mind, discover the five hairstyles below proven to cut off (no pun intended) at least a few years on your appearance.

The Lob

Resting perfectly upon the shoulders, the collarbone skimming lob is a universally ageless cut. Expert tip: If you have thin hair, this cut adds fullness and volume to the body of your hair.

Eva Chen essentially created the lob. 

Youthful hairstyle


Getty Images/Pierre Suu

Does Angelina Jolie ever age? With this hairstyle, no. 

Sleek bob


Getty Images/Frazer Harrison/BAFTA LA

While I do love all of Kerry Washington’s hairstyles, this one could be my favorite.

The Blunt Bob

As DeBolt mentioned, a straight perimeter line in a haircut will create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. It also lends to a more playful look, ultimately feeling more youthful.

This hairstyle is making me feel like I need to take a risk and try it.

Sleek blunt bob


Getty Images/Raymond Hall

The razor-sharp ends frame Kim Kardashian West’s face, polishing off the hairstyle as sleek and sophisticated.

Youthful hairstyle


Getty Images/Bauer-Griffin

The queen of the blunt bob. 

Au Naturel

I think the biggest ‘don’t’ is to go against your hair’s nature,” notes DeBolt. Take a hint from some of the best below—sometimes you just have to let your hair be in order for it to flourish.

Natural style


Getty Images/Michael Stewart

Halle Berry will always be a bombshell. She’s traded her iconic pixie cut for natural waves, and I have to say, it’s working.

Natural hairstyle that makes you look younger


Getty Images/Bauer-Griffin

Not only does Courtney Cox’s hair look fresh, but so does she. 

Youthful hairstyle with bangs


Getty Images/Chris Wolf/Star Max

I’ve been loving Heidi’s bangs. Everything about this ’do feels liberating.

All About the Cheekbones

Whether the hairstyle is a slicked-back ponytail or a pixie cut, choosing a hairstyle that accentuates the cheekbones will always allude to a more youthful vibe.

Ponytail hairstyles


Getty Images/James Devaney

No one does a sleek look like J.Lo does.

High ponytail hairstyle


Getty Images/Gotham

Victoria Beckham constantly opts for ponytails; from low buns to high ponies, she knows what she’s doing.

Low bun hairstyle


Getty Images/Raymond Hall

Yolanda Hadid is never shy to pull back her hair. Highlighting your natural features creates a glowing confidence (who has time to worry about aging?).

Less Is More

Less layering is best here. Though if layers are a must, opt for face framing layers to—again—frame the cheekbones.

Best youthful hairstyles


Getty Images/Hollywood to You/Star Max

Jennifer Aniston is the epitome of the layering dos. 

No layers hairstyles


Getty Images/Jackson Lee

Having less layers also tends to make the hair look healthier and fuller, rather than dull and brittle.

I’m going to start growing out my layers now.

A Quick Cue on Color
Hair color advice


Getty Images/Steve Granitz

At the core, DeBolt is an expert colorist. In addition to the five hairstyles proven to make you look younger, DeBolt advises, “Color plays a big role too in youthful-looking locks. I often use a lighter shade around the face to brighten the skin and enhance natural skin tones. Colors that have beautiful variation add a youthful glow, too.” At the end of the day, haircare is equally imperative as skincare if you want to appear more youthful. Once you’ve found the right style for your hair, scroll below to see DeBolt’s must-have haircare products.

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