Here's What Emma Roberts's Stylists Told Me to Buy to Revamp My WFH Wardrobe

As a remote editor who's been working from home since 2015, I have to admit that I've gotten pretty lazy with my WFH wardrobe (as in sweats and slippers on most days). Until now, that is. Once most of the country went under a stay-at-home order last month for the foreseeable future, everyone started talking about WFH style, Zoom calls became a thing, and I realized it was time to snap out of my house-wardrobe funk.

Given the lack of celebrity street style these days, I've been very curious to see what they're wearing at home, and one of the celebs that I've found to excel at the whole stay-home-dressing thing is Emma Roberts. She has been documenting her looks daily on Instagram, and each one is even better than the last. So who better to give me some WFH wardrobe upgrade tips than her stylists, Brit Elkin Hines and Kara Smith? I asked the stylists everything from who makes the best house shoes to what to swap a full sweatsuit for in the summer. Read on to find out what useful advice they had for me and what they suggested I shop for (along with some Emma Roberts WFH style inspiration sprinkled in).

Emma Roberts WFH style



I've been working from home remotely for 4.5 years, and my typical WFH uniform has always been a T-shirt or sweatshirt/sweater and jogger pants or stretchy jeans. What can I do/wear/buy to make it a little more exciting?

There’s so much you can do to spruce up a WFH uniform. Luckily, there are a lot of very cute, chic loungewear brands out there right now that will make you feel put together and elevated so that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style. Depending on what kind of WFH style you prefer, you can choose between elevated pajamas, effortless dresses, or chic top-and-bottom sets. Find which style you are most, and start ordering some staples. Or mix it up and purchase several staples from each WFH style so that you never get bored. We listed our favorite WFH brands below that will make you feel both comfortable and chic.

Since wearing a full sweatsuit isn't very practical in the summer, what's a good alternative?

Silk or cotton flowy dresses that don’t have a lot of hardware and are comfortable, chic, and practical. Brands like Dôen and Ulla Johnson are a couple of favorites that I could easily live in and have as a WFH uniform, especially in the summer. Sleeper also has fashionable pajamas and dresses in lightweight summer fabrics like linen, silk, and viscose so that you feel practical in summer and chic. If you happen to be full-sweatsuit kind of girl and don’t want to do dresses, opting for pants and tops that are thin is a good move. Leset makes lightweight, comfortable sets in a range of cool colors and prints.

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I'm a firm believer in having shoes that are just for the house. What styles do you think make the best house shoes?

Love classic Ugg slippers for the house. Super-comfortable chic flats like Margaux are also great if you want to feel less pajama-y and more put-together. Rothy's are also a great option—sustainable, very comfortable, and lots of colors and prints to choose from. Lastly, I love good old Birkenstocks paired with designer socks (Gucci socks are our fave)— easy to slip on and off and the designer socks give you a bit of flair. Gucci slides are also great house shoes.

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What to wear to work from home



I love accessories, but I very rarely wear them at home. What are some cool, practical ones to incorporate into my inside outfits?

We are big fans of Jenny Bird for everyday home wear—not only because it’s a great price point but also because her pieces are modern and cool and range from delicate to statement. Some favorite at-home pieces of hers that we wear as staples (and that help spruce up an outfit) are the Large Gold Icon Hoops (which also come in small and medium sizes) and her Gold Dee Signet Ring.

​We also love Dannijo for some everyday jewelry. Injecting some color and playfulness into WFH outfits makes you feel happier. Their colorful beaded/braided bracelets are super cute to layer.  

​During this time especially, we think everyone needs a little good luck, and there’s no better necklace than Jennifer Meyer’s 18-karat Good Luck Charm Necklace. 

​Lastly, we love Jacquie Aiche turquoise necklaces and rings for some luxe hippie feels. 

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What are the biggest WFH outfit mistakes you see on Instagram?

The biggest WFH outfit mistake is sacrificing comfort for style, e.g., wearing things like tight, non-stretch denim; outfits with lots of hardware (zippers, buttons)—so restrictive. Feeling comfortable is most important when you’re at home, and not compromising style is the key.  The act of putting on an outfit in the morning when you WFH is important because it lifts your mood and makes you feel more motivated. Nothing is wrong with adding a little lip color either. 

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What to wear when staying home



How can I make some of my favorite "outside" clothes (like spring dresses and skirts) more "inside" appropriate?

​Making outside clothes inside appropriate is easy by switching up the shoes (opting for comfortable flats or slides) or swapping out the top/bottom for more at-home pieces. If you have a skirt or dress, style it with an oversize cozy sweater. If you have a cute top, style it with a pair of cashmere pants. Mixing comfortable at-home elements makes those outside pieces inside appropriate. 

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What to wear with jeans at home


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What are some of the brands you love for chic WFH pieces?

Live the Process
Free People
Ulla Johnson
Cotton Citizen 
Jenny Bird Jewelry
Jennifer Meyer Jewelry

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