Running Out the Door? Don't Forget This

Every year without fail, November 1 hits and we're suddenly flooded with e-invites for infinite holiday-related affairs. Between our own party planning (not to mention party attending) and the endless gift-shopping that fills our free time, it's all too easy to de-prioritize the things we actually want to do as our calendars fill up with things we have to be at.

This year, we've teamed up with Timex as a reminder to take time in our busy schedules to really enjoy the season. Yes, our happy hour may only be a happy half-hour, but we will fit in wine and laughter with our friends. To help us squeeze in more good times this season, we've come up with three chic yet easy outfit ideas that include Timex's new stylish, ultra-thin gold Metropolitan watch (because we want you to actually make it on time to your plans!).

Below, discover what we're determined to take time for this season and the three on-trend looks we'll be wearing, accessorized down to the wrist (literally).

Join our pledge to actually enjoy this holiday season. As an everyday reminder to take time, ready your outfits with the elegant Metropolitan Gold Mesh Watch from Timex.