Ever Wondered What a Fashion Editor Wears to Bed?

If they say you are what you eat, do you think that can also extend to you are what you wear? Many women often underestimate the power of the outfit that clocks just as many (if not more) hours of wear as our cult workwear staples. We're talking about pyjamas, of course. Want to know how your sleepwear can remain cool and comfy? Take a tip from fashion editors and choose a set of stylish cotton sleepwear.   

And it's not just us who are hooked on cotton PJs. In Kathryn Kemp-Griffin's book Paris Undressed, the author talks about cotton being not only extremely comfortable and soft, but also the strongest and most durable fabric for clothing. This sparked inspiration to search for the best cotton pyjamas for spring and summer. When was the last time you treated yourself to a fresh pair of new pyjamas? If you can't remember, then it's time to shop, chill out, give your work clothes a rest, then get some much needed R&R.

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Opening images: Par Femme 

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