The 28 Best Winter Buys From Zara, According to Our Chic UK Editors


If you're as fascinated by British-girl style as I am, welcome to your temporary happy place. I'm lucky to have access to a very cool group of British girls who know a thing or two about shopping. Our editors across the pond are very stylish (no surprise there), and they happen to be Zara experts. It's a great combination. 

Even though we're all trying to savor fall as much as possible, the hard, cold facts are that winter is coming, and you'd be wise to start preparing your wardrobe now. Zara has already stocked plenty of winter-appropriate pieces, and Who What Wear's UK editors have lots of experience with winter, so who better to ask for recommendations?

Not surprisingly, our British editors really came through with the goods. Below, you'll find outerwear, boots, festive pieces for the holidays, denim, and much more to shop from Zara. You may not be able to copy their cute accents, but at least you can copy their winter wardrobes. 

Joy Montgomery, Shopping Editor


(Image credit: @joy_monty)

Joy's picks:

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief


(Image credit: @hannahalmassi)

Hannah's picks:

Emma Spedding, Editor


(Image credit: @speddingemma)

Emma's picks:

Remi Afolabi, Video Content Creator


(Image credit: @remiafolabi)

Remi's picks:

Zoe Anastasiou, Social Media and Fashion Editor


(Image credit: @zoepopi)

Zoe's picks:

Elinor Block, Assistant Editor


(Image credit: @nellblock)

Elinor's picks:

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Allyson Payer
Senior Editor

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