8 Popular Winter Trends to Wear With All Your Skinny Jeans

Winter trends to wear with skinny jeans: Jessica Minkoff's shearling jacket


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Putting together strong winter outfits can quickly go from thrilling to life-sucking. After wearing your go-to black turtleneck three times in one week, it's easy to get discouraged in the ensemble-assembly department. Since skinny jeans are basically the equivalent of a black turtleneck, we figured it was about time to give your winter denim outfits a little makeover.

Incorporating some of the most popular winter 2019 trends, we created a shopping roundup of all the cool things you can wear with your skinny jeans to make them feel fresh again. Oversize puffers? We've got 'em. Fashion fleece? Yes, again. With the winter trends shopping cheat sheet ahead, you will fall in love with your skinny jeans all over again. We guarantee.

Leather Trenches

There's no easier way to wear a leather trench than with a sleek pair of skinny jeans. The slim shape of the jeans allows your coat to do all the talking, which is exactly what one would want when wearing a coat like this. 

Chunky Sweaters

Chunky sweaters are great and all, but it's no secret that their cozy nature has a tendency to drown the wearer. By pairing the tried-and-true winter staple with skinny jeans, you are both flattering your body via the jeans and comforting it via the sweater. Now that's what we call a win-win. 

Cowboy Boots

We've seen our fair share of cowboy boots over the past couple of seasons, but seeing them paired with other winter trends has us feeling like the style is fresh again. The reason we suggest wearing them with skinny jeans is simple: Your jeans tuck into the boots without all the awkward fuss, and that's something worth celebrating. 

Dramatic Puffers

Face the facts: You won't be able to survive winter without a puffer or two (or three). This season, the louder and larger, the better. Since you'll have a lot going on on your top half, keeping it simple with skinny jeans on the bottom is your best bet when styling this outerwear piece. 

Thin Turtlenecks

Thin turtlenecks, whether they are printed or bright, are fashion girls' best-kept winter secret. Layering these statement pieces underneath a jacket, coat, or another sweater gives your look that pop of color it needs. If you live somewhere that's a bit warm during the winter (we're looking at you, L.A.), then a thin turtleneck with skinny jeans will be your uniform all season long. 

Statement Coats

We're convinced statement coats look good with any kind of bottom or pant style, but they look particularly good with skinny jeans. Since the loud outerwear makes any outfit more interesting and goes with most everything in your closet, we don't see what you're waiting for. 

Dad Sneakers

Dad sneakers are the shoe trend that won't quit, and when paired with skinny jeans, it's honestly never looked better. What was once a normal dad sneaker is now put on a pedestal, as slim skinny jeans do nothing but draw everyone's attention down to the controversial shoe trend on your foot. 

Fashion Fleece

Another member of the "dad" trend family is the fashion fleece. What was once considered a trend has almost turned into a lifestyle, making us wonder if the whole "normcore" thing is making a triumphant comeback. Either way, a solid fleece jacket and your go-to skinny jeans can be your Who What Wear–approved look any day, any time.