I Live in Skinny Jeans and Black Ankle Boots—Here Are My Favorite Outfits

I recently dove into one of the biggest workhorses in my wardrobe—black skinny jeans—and highlighted my favorite outfits featuring the trend. But after thinking about my daily uniforms further, I realized that my black boots also hold just as much significance in my wardrobe as skinnies. And when you combine the two—black skinny jeans and booties—well, that’s just the start of a perfect outfit in my opinion.

The rest of the fashion universe must agree with me because the style elite consistently posts forward ensembles on Instagram featuring the two closet staples. Their looks are too good not to share, so I'm showcasing the coolest outfits with skinny jeans and black ankle boots of the moment, along with the best silhouettes to shop now. Trust, I’ll be copping a few (if not all) of what’s coming ahead.