I Spot Trends Like It's My Job (It Is)—These 8 Are Going Viral on TikTok


While the rest of the world debates the pros and cons of TikTok versus Instagram and which social media app will ultimately prevail, we're just over here toggling between the two to bring you the latest on what's trending in the virtual fashion world. Some could say we're even a little TikTok obsessed over here, given that we've dove into everything from the makeup trends we're inspired to try to the latest fashion aesthetic to emerge. In any case, scrolling through the app is our journalistic duty, and on my latest scrolling frenzy, I couldn't help but notice how the app's digital creators are putting some new winter trends on the map.

Their outfits incorporate some of the coolest pieces of the moment, and I'm officially inspired to incorporate some of them into my own wardrobe ASAP. With winter officially creeping in, I've rounded up the top seven cold-weather TikTok fashion trends I've seen, and of course, I am providing all the shopping options to get these looks, too.

From the feather-trim pieces that are begging to be worn to a holiday party to perpetually sold-out Birkenstock flats, take a look at the best winter style on TikTok below.


(Image credit: @jo.rdyyy)

Calling all Almost Famous fans! Penny Lane—aka Kate Hudson's iconic '70s-era character—is the main source of inspiration for outerwear this winter. Plenty of fuzzy collared coats just like the one Hudson donned throughout the movie are hitting the market and we can't get enough of the retro-cool coats. 


(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

While loungewear sets are nothing new, TikTokers all over my FYP are favoring luxurious knitted sets—especially those featuring maxi skirts—as a cozy-cool outfit option as the winter weather sets in.


(Image credit: @imlauranotlauren)

While the brand's Arizona sandals are a summer staple, we haven't really seen Birkenstocks of any other form creep into fashion girls' fall and winter wardrobes, but that's changing with fall 2022 and the rising popularity of Birkenstock Boston Clogs. The "ugly" shoes are quickly becoming the It flats of the moment and nowhere have they reached as high of a fever pitch as on TikTok.


(Image credit: @jo.rdyyy)

Undoubtedly, feather trimming has been gaining popularity among the fashion set, with fun-loving pieces spotted all over TikTok (and Instagram, too, for that matter). With the resurgence of a certain night-luxe aesthetic that's putting renewed emphasis on our going-out wardrobes, fluffy feather pieces fit right into the broader theme of party fashion we're seeing right now. They also just happen to be perfect for all your holiday parties to come.


(Image credit: @moeblackx)

Nobody has an influence on our wardrobes quite like Bella Hadid does, and while plenty of her outfits have single-handedly sparked widespread trends, some of her more experimental styling choices fall into micro-trend territory. Enter leg warmers. Hadid styled the unexpected accessory with a miniskirt and kitten heels, and while we don't anticipate this one will reach a fever pitch, it's definitely resonated with a subset of edgier fashion girls. 


(Image credit: @virginiegrossat)

Once deemed a "tacky" finish, metallics are back and even better. From patent handbags to silver slingbacks, it's all about metallic accessories right now that make any outfit really pop.


(Image credit: @ellapottersays)

While leather jackets are a fall fixture that resurfaces every year, this season's trend landscape is bringing a range of cool updates. Among them are sleek jackets with minimal hardware and front-zip closures that are reminiscent of the '90s. The beauty of these toppers is in their simplicity—style one with other basics like jeans and a white tank for an easy but of-the-moment feel.


(Image credit: @devapollon)

Leave it to the cool kids of TikTok to bring back a previously dead-to-us trend. Just like the Y2K looks they've been pulling out of the archives all year long, the internet crowd is dusting off another forgotten-about-accessory for this winter: skinny scarves. Seeing as we haven't seen them back in style in a minute, we're not too surprised to see them reemerge, especially on the Gen Z–dominated app.

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