The NYC TikTok Aesthetic: 7 Items Everyone and Their Mother Is Wearing

If you spend a few minutes scrolling on TikTok, you just might find yourself on the fashion side of the app—once you get there, you'll know. On fashion TikTok, everyone dresses like the coolest person in your circle. The kinds of girls I'm talking about are the ones who embrace trends, aren't afraid of colors and crazy prints, and get dressed each day with major main-character energy. They love donning It brands like House of Sunny and will be the first to inform you of the latest drops on Lisa Says Gah. You might even find yourself shopping for a checkerboard top or some plastic rings after watching a few videos.

Lately, I've noticed a new trend circulating where people are calling out all the key elements of TikTok's NYC fashion-girl aesthetic. Although these videos, like the one linked below, are often meant to throw shade at how ubiquitous these influencer types are, I actually think the whole look feels very current, and I just had to write a feature on the brands, trends, items, and people that are defining the style movement.

Okay, this aesthetic doesn't only exist in NYC, but I'd argue that this crew of fashion people has made this fun-loving, maximalist vibe so popular on the app (and beyond). To explain exactly what I'm talking about, I'm breaking down the seven elements that define NYC TikTok fashion right now, from the color trend they're all wearing to the It brands you'll find in each of their closets. 

1. House of Sunny, Paloma Wool, and Lisa Says Gah



There are a handful of It brands serving up everyone's favorite trends at the moment. There are three names, in particular, that TikTok's fashion crew has a next-level obsession with: House of Sunny, especially its fur-trimmed cardigan and green pieces; Paloma Wool for its graphic prints; and Lisa Says Gah, everyone's go-to source for all things bright, colorful, and on-trend.

2. Funky Prints

We've been noting a rise in a maximalist aesthetic and an overall nod to the '60s in all things fashion and home décor right now. Fashion girls are especially keen on playing around with bright colors and loud prints, but instead of sticking to one pop of color in outfits, it's becoming more popular to mix and match shades and prints.

3. Lexxola Sunglasses

Lexxola's colored-lens sunglasses are one of those items that you simply cannot scroll on the fashion side of TikTok without seeing—meaning, they're everywhere. 



This may not be specific to the NYC scene, seeing as Y2K fashion is having a massive revival in general right now, but as a New Yorker myself, I can confirm that, on one stroll around SoHo or the East Village, you'll see plenty of baguette bags and satchels from back in the day, especially vintage Coach and Louis Vuitton logo bags.

5. Colorful Plastic Rings



Have you noticed those fun, oversize plastic rings celebs and influencers have been wearing with their super-long nails? They're La Manso rings, and they're the latest celebrity-approved (e.g. Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, to name a few) It accessory. They're hard to miss, and they're also hard to get your hands on, as they've definitely caught on among fashion girls around the world.

6. Shades of Green



Green is another theme that's simply everywhere. From grassy shades to pale mint, TikTokers are all about wearing the bright hue—bonus points if it's featured from head to toe in your look.

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