8 Highly Wearable Shoes I'm Investing In Right Now

I’ve come up with plenty of excuses to justify buying new shoes, but now that we’re well into October, I’ve got an actual good one… I need footwear that’s stylish and warm. I’ve been on the hunt for shoes I can add to my on-the-go wardrobe, whether it’s a pair of boots I can wear with skinny jeans at home in L.A., or a pair of winter sneakers for when I’m running around NYC on vacation and a snowstorm decides to hit. Luckily, I can always turn to SOREL for spot-on boots and sneakers that work with the dress-from-the-feet-up method I’ve been testing lately, and this season, the brand’s offerings are especially good. See what I mean here.

The Wear-Anywhere Boot

The classic split-ankle boot is a must for those of us who live in skinny jeans. As an L.A.-based fashion editor, I don’t need to brace for extreme cold, and this option is perfect for a brisk but sunny day. With a pair of skinny jeans and an oversize parka, I have a weekend look that’s versatile and stylish.

The Lace-Up Boot

In case you hadn’t heard, lace-up boots are all the rage. It doesn’t hurt that this pair also has sherpa detailing, which is a perfect way to incorporate a touch of trend to your look. Wear these boots with a long menswear-inspired houndstooth coat and a pair of straight-leg jeans.

The Ankle-Boot

Seriously, you can never go wrong. A classic ankle boot, especially one with a touch of moto inspiration, works with almost any outfit you put together during colder months. Go crazy and style these with wide-leg light-wash jeans and an oversize sweater.

The Light-Weight Boot

I’ve been needing a pair of light-weight boots all season to wear with a midi-length floral dress and finally feel like I found the perfect pair. If you live in a colder climate, these would look great with a puffer jacket, as they really lend themselves to that utilitarian look.

The Wedge Boot

Ah, the classic SOREL Joan Wedge Chelsea. With its sleek silhouette and the ability to give you a little lift, this boot is perfect a bevy of different outfits. That said, it would look especially great with a long maxi silhouette.

The Workout-to-Brunch Sneaker

Finally, a sneaker for those of us who just want to look like the kind of person who likes getting up early and going for a jog before work. (Yes, I fully plan on hibernating all winter.) But when I am on-the-go, I love how functional these sneakers are. I'm into the purple tone of this sneaker, and the jagged sole really adds the right final touch. Style with your favorite pair of leggings and a cream-colored puffer while you walk, not run, to brunch.

The Streetwear Sneaker

These sneakers feel like something a certain model-who-just-married-a-pop-star would wear. Take a page from her book and style this with a beanie, a brightly-colored jacket, and a pair of high-waist vintage jeans.

The Winter Sneaker

And for those days where five feet of snow is predicted, a snow boot–sneaker hybrid is the way to go. Consider it your saving grace and the statement maker of your outfit.

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