I'm in Need of a Winter Confidence Boost—Alo Yoga's Faux Fur Does the Trick


Alo Yoga

I'm no researcher, but I can say with full certainty that there is a direct correlation between confidence and outfit choice. I feel most confident when I like my outfit, so I always strive to leave the house in looks that make me feel good. But now that it's getting chillier here in NYC and I'm leaving the house less often, I'm in search of a much-needed seasonal confidence boost. Truth be told, nothing makes me feel more luxurious (and unstoppable) than faux fur. I'd like to think that Alo Yoga released its new faux-fur line along with everyday winter essentials at the perfect time. Just looking at these puffer jackets, velour hoodies, and high-waisted leggings is bringing my confidence levels to new heights, so I took the liberty of listing my top picks from the New Arrivals section for you below.

Faux Fur Jackets

Textured Jackets

Velour Pieces

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