8 Jewelry Trends We're Retiring—and 8 We're Scooping Up Instead

Jewelry has the power to make or break your outfit. No matter what you're wearing, add the right pieces of jewelry, and suddenly your outfit appears much more thought-out and stylish (if you're in on the right trends, that is). Speaking of, there are so many amazing new jewelry trends we editors have spotted coming down the runways, in the new-arrivals sections of our favorite brands, and maybe even on our most in-the-know friends.

But instead of only highlighting those new pieces we can't wait to wear ourselves, I asked my fellow editors to weigh in on which trends they'll be retiring from their jewelry boxes first, followed by those they plan to scoop up next. From the new way to wear pearls to the investment pieces that have the most staying power, keep reading for the jewelry trends we're favoring and which ones we're phasing out.

Nicole Eshaghpour, Market Editor
winter jewelry trends



Retiring: Thin stacking necklaces

Wearing: Strong single pieces

"Thin, stacking necklaces and rings have had a long run for me, and while I'm not completely ready to retire them just yet, lately I've found myself opting for more solid, single pieces much more often."

Kat Collings, Editor in Chief
winter jewelry trends: chain link jewelry



Retiring: Colorful acrylic earrings

Wearing: Chain-link jewelry

"I'm over the colorful acrylic earrings. The fun plastic accessories feel more right for summer anyway. Instead, I'm all about slightly chunky, heritage-inspired chain-link earrings and necklaces. They make a statement while somehow being completely classic."

Kristen Nichols, Managing Editor
winter jewelry trends: inventive pearl designs



Retiring: Traditional pearl jewelry

Wearing: Inventive pearl designs

"Right now, I'm skipping traditional pearl jewelry and instead opting for more inventive designs. New takes such as these drop earrings feel fresh, and I predict we'll be seeing more iterations of pearls in 2020."

Allyson Payer, Editor
winter jewelry trends: chunky silver and gold pieces



Retiring: Beaded jewelry

Wearing: Chunky silver and gold pieces

"I'm putting beaded jewelry on hiatus. While it's fun and colorful, I prefer chunkier, more substantial silver and gold pieces for fall and winter."

Lauren Eggertsen, Fashion Editor
winter jewelry trends: grandpa-inspired chain necklaces



Retiring: Pendant necklaces

Wearing: Grandpa-inspired chains

"I really leaned into the whole pendant trend for a while and always found myself layering at least one among my normal necklace stack, but this season, I am opting for a more simplistic assortment of grandpa-inspired chain necklaces. I love the look of mixing together different textures and widths of chains even atop a sweater or T-shirt."

Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor
winter jewelry trends: daisy shapes



Retiring: Shell jewelry

Wearing: Daisies

"I think shell jewelry got a little oversaturated for my taste, so it's not my favorite at the moment. Right now, I'm a little obsessed with daisy jewelry because it's just plain fun. Do I need another reason?"

Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Editor
winter jewelry trends: oversized rings



Retiring: Dainty stacking rings

Wearing: Oversize rings

I never really got into the whole dainty-rings-on-every-finger trend, since I was always fidgeting with them and losing various rings here and there. In other words, it was too high-maintenance a jewelry trend for me. These days, I love the way that a stack of chunky rings looks. Their sculptural shape immediately adds something luxurious to my overall look."

Judith Jones, Market Editor
winter jewelry trends: long pendant necklaces



Retiring: Short pendant necklaces

Wearing: Extra-long pendants

"Lately, I've been swapping out my delicate, short pendant necklaces for extra-long, '70s-inspired necklaces that were seen with practically every look on the Celine fall and spring runways. I'm wearing them over my high-neck collar blouses and turtlenecks this season."

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