7 Things I Won't Be Wearing (or Buying) This Winter

Trench Coat Winter Street Style


Diego/Collage Vintage

I must say, while living in California for close to 25 years taught me countless things about summer fashion, laid-back style, party “lewks,” and more, it did pretty much nothing to prepare me for what it’s like to dress for the cold—like, real cold. However, with one full New Yorker winter under my belt and another one approaching swiftly, I can proudly say I’ve come close to mastering the art, thanks to some lessons I learned (and mistakes I made) last year.

From buying and wearing the right types of sweaters to finding the coat style that looks good but doesn’t do much in terms of warmth to avoiding a certain sock style, keep reading about the seven things I will not be wearing or buying for the next few months, and of course shop what I will be instead.

Trench Coats

As beautiful as the classic trench coat is, its light construction and typically 100% cotton makeup mean it’s far from being able to provide the warmth needed in winter months, even when layered. Instead, opt for anything a little heavier, from wool and cashmere to faux fur and leather to puffers.

Open-Toe Heels

This is a hard one for me to abide by because I’m a big heeled-sandal girl, but last year I bought several pairs just as fall was ending, and as soon as the winter weather kicked in, I couldn’t wear a single one of them until spring. Unless you’re investing in something super classic that you find on sale, I’d suggest saving these purchases for when you can actually wear them.

Restrictive Bodysuits

If you’re going to wear a bodysuit under all your winter layers, you’d better hope it has snap closures or buttons at the bottom, or else you’re going to have to spend a lot of time undressing any time you have to use the restroom…

Ripped Jeans

You’d be amazed at how much cold wind can make its way through even the tiniest hole in your jeans, causing your legs to feel like they’re freezing. Even with tights underneath, I’ve found that the tradeoff of wearing ripped jeans in the winter simply isn’t worth it.

No-Show Socks

Aside from the exposed-ankle factor that comes along with no-show socks, I’ve also found that I never end up wearing them in winter, because they’re not as comfortable to pair with boots as higher socks.

Non-Tech Gloves

Now that our cell phones are, at minimum, one’s communication device but also often someone’s only source of finding directions, acquiring transportation, providing payment, and more, it’s important to wear gloves that have tech-compatible fingertips so that you’re not constantly having to take them off to touch your screen.

Cotton Sweaters

It’s unfortunate because there are so many cute ones both to buy and currently in my closet, but they just don’t keep you warm! Instead, I’ll be opting for warmer materials such as cashmere, wool, and fleece.