7 Layering Pieces Every Woman Should Have for Winter


Collage Vintage

Ever since the first covering of snow landed on the ground this year, we've taken our efforts to bundle up and endure the bitter cold up a notch. No longer will one jacket suffice as far as your outerwear strategy is concerned. But fashion girls everywhere face a seasonal dilemma when confronted with the need to stay warm in the winter, seeing how easy it is to forgo any sense of style when getting dressed for the bitter cold.

The key to dressing fashionably in the winter months without compromising on comfort? Transform yourself into a human artichoke. In other words, learn how to layer well. For most of us, figuring out what it takes to effortlessly combine upward of three layers in one outfit turns out to be not so effortless. To guide you, we've selected seven pieces that we think are essential for layering this winter, so get ready to pile on all the scarves, sweaters, and wraps.

Keep reading to shop our picks, and be sure to share your own winter layering tricks with us in the comments section.