My Co-Worker Just Snagged the One Accessory on Every Fashion Person's Wish List

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I'm here for just about anything fashion-related. (I'm an editor, c'mon.) But there are some things that get me just a bit more excited than others, be it a new launch from my favorite designers, a pair of vintage shoes I found rummaging through a thrift store, or (most recently) an extremely cute handbag I noticed on none other than my boss, Natalie Cantell.

The bag in question? The iconic Longchamp Le Pliage bag. You know the one. I mean, it's been seen on just about every fashion person you can think of. And as if it couldn't get any better, I recently found out that it can be completely customized. Enter the My Pliage Signature bag. You can add your initials to the fabric, change the hardware color, and even select which leather you want, resulting in an ultra-chic, personalized accessory (just like Natalie's in the photo above). If you think I haven't already created one for myself and at least two more for upcoming holiday gifts, think again. Keep scrolling to shop the bag and the winter pieces from Longchamp's stylish ready-to-wear collection that we're pairing it with.

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Anneliese Henderson
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