These 8 New Colour Trends Are the Key to Looking Rich This Winter

No matter if I find a new purchase in the sales at a pleasingly discounted price, or if I saved up to get the investment piece I've had my eye on for a while, I always expect anything I spend my hard earned money on to look (and feel) like a million dollars. It could be a plain white t-shirt or a luxurious cashmere knit, but whether you've spent £20 or £200, the results should always be the same–that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you're wearing. 

With that in mind I always shop with a critical eye, thinking about the fabrication and construction of an item, and having picked up a few styling tips on the recurring pieces that look the most expensive, I can spot an investment piece from a mile off, but how can you keep up with trends and shop sensibly? The answer is simple. 

Fresh, new colour trends can instantly update your look, and as much as sticking to what you know suits you can eliminate the chances of a fashion faux pas, taking risks with colour pays off more often than not. After recently taking stock of my wardrobe and counting an unfeasible amount of blue jeans and long-sleeved tops in just about every colour of the rainbow, I decided to re-evaluate the contents based on the runway's strongest (and most luxurious) colour trends in a bid to strengthen my wardrobe, and the results were surprising. 

According to the S/S '23 runways and the outfit choices of some of Instagram's most stylish, there are some very strong colour trends happening right now that are too good to ignore. Expect some reoccurring staples (neutrals of course), and a few surprises (those who hate green, prepare yourselves), because after a very deep dive into the colour palettes of the best dressed, I've emerged with 8 expensive-looking colour trends that are going to change the way you dress now, and for the rest of the year. Scroll on to see this season's trending tones and how influencers are wearing them now. 



(Image credit: Filippo Fior / Courtesy Max Mara)

Style Notes: From the Burberry trench to the Max Mara teddy, camel layers have been synonymous with quiet luxury for decades, and prove that being "beige" is in fact anything but boring. This wardrobe staple has the ability to shift effortlessly between seasons, styles and dress codes, covering anything from structured tailoring to casual safari with just the addition of a belt and pockets. In winter a camel coat is the best piece in your arsenal, just swap it for a blazer when summer rolls around. 


(Image credit: @bettinalooney)




(Image credit: Courtesy Ashlyn)

Style Notes: The fiery alternative to S/S '22's Barbiecore pink, hot red has been quietly simmering away behind the scenes but is now making its presence felt this autumn and winter. In the last few months the long red dress has replaced the LBD, bold suiting is preferred over neutrals, and the timeless red lip is the most important accessory this party season. For maximum impact, wear head-to-toe, or take notes from the street style set and choose crimson eveningwear for your next big occasion.


(Image credit: @polliani)




(Image credit: Filippo Fior Courtesy Bottega Veneta)

Style Notes: If Kate Middleton has taught us anything lately, it's the power of a burgundy outfit. Strong, commanding, and not quite as bold as hot red, this deep, muted tone is rich in both hue and finish, and makes the perfect foundation for building luxurious layers in any season. Coloured leather was big this A/W, but none more so than the glossy, berry reds and purples that redefined "power dressing" and managed to go with just about every other key colour trend of the year.


(Image credit: @carmelharrison_ )




(Image credit: Brandon Maxwell SS23 Photographed by Monica Feudi)

Style Notes: There is something about the thought of wearing green that invokes fear in most people. Perhaps its the brashness of apple green, the dullness of forest green, or maybe just the confusion of what to pair it with, but according to the runways, green (in all shades) is about to take over. As everyone from Bottega Veneta to Gucci showcased the full spectrum of green tones, the high street is already catching up, and the consensus is: green maxi dresses and suits are about to become next year's key pieces, and you can wear them now with brown or burgundy boots, and of course, a camel coat. 


(Image credit: @monikh )




(Image credit: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Style Notes: I'm going to go ahead and say it–brown is a criminally underrated colour. You might think of it as the safe, simple, shade we barely notice in the background, but it's about time that deep cocoa took a starring role. After all, there are so many shades of brown that you can wear them all at once without looking same-y (see Eni's Wardrobes chic travelling outfit for inspiration). From the reddish toned rust and burnt siennas that look elegant in summer, to the cooler deep cocoa that we've been wearing all winter with a fluffy faux fur coat, brown always looks considered and polished, especially when mixing textures. 


(Image credit: @eniswardrobe )




(Image credit: Courtesy Awake Mode)

Style Notes: Sorry clumsy eaters, this ultra-clean trend is not for the accident prone. Fresh, bright whites are the palette cleanser minimalists have been waiting for, and are once again one of the easiest colours to wear all year round. Keep it smart with unexpectedly chic white tailoring, or embrace loose layers of satin and wool for a elevated outfit that wouldn't look out of place in a winter wonderland. 


(Image credit: @charlottekuhrt )




(Image credit: Isidore Montag / Courtesy Burberry)

Style Notes: As Brits we're already pretty accustomed to grey, but this year melancholy charcoal and and stormy slate is actually a good thing. Over 100 designers used grey in some shape or form in their spring/summer collections, presenting a grounded alternative to the predictable sorbet pastels that we always expect for the sunny season. But, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom. The benefit of grey is its versatility, and it will go with just about anything you already have in your wardrobe, so pair a wide-leg grey trouser with a bright red knit. Or brighten a charcoal suit with a green bag. It's the perfect colour to invest in now and wear on rotation for the forseeable. 


(Image credit: @honeybelleworld )




(Image credit: Chris Yates - All rights Reserved. Courtesy 16Arlington )

Style Notes: It goes without saying that all black has always been the uniform of choice for the fashionably understated. It has the ability to transcend time, trend, age, size and style, and manages to give almost nothing away about the personality of the wearer, and perhaps the mystery is one of its strong points. With the release of Netflix's Wednesday and the take-off of the TikTok Goth Girl phenomenon, we're happily embracing the dark side (albeit with a fashionable edge), and thankfully for us, putting together an all black outfit is one of the easiest things you can do with your wardrobe. There is almost no clever styling required to recreate this look, just a few black pieces that I'm almost certain you already own, but my favourite way to wear the look? Patent boots. They'll help to transform an outfit from bland to bold. 


(Image credit: @aysha.sow)


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