10 Perfect Winter Outfits for People Who Hate Skinny Jeans


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Skinny jeans will always have a place in our hearts, but lately, they’ve taken the backseat in our wardrobes. In their place is a good pair of boyfriend jeans. Not only is their bagginess perfectly calculated, but the lived-in vibe adds an air of effortlessness to all of our winter outfits. Plus, yes, you can layer your leggings under them. Need we say more? If you’re a skinny-jean lover no matter the season and you’re still skeptical, scroll on to find 15 perfect winter denim outfits that will surely inspire you to give an oversize pair a try.


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Elevate your boyfriend jeans with a sleek blazer. 


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Don’t be afraid to pair bold colors like red and blue with understated jeans. 


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For a sporty-chic look, try a sports jacket in bold hues. 


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Leather and denim are a classic contrast. 


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We love a good Canadian tux. 


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Boyfriend jeans look best with a corset top. 


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Not to mention sneakers and leather jackets. 


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Tuck your cardigan inside your pants and belt them for a fun look. 


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We want to re-create this outfit stat. 


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Cool and casual. 

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