15 Perfect Winter Outfits for People Who Hate Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will always have a place in our hearts, but lately they’ve taken the backseat in our wardrobes. In their place, we love a good pair of boyfriend jeans. Not only is their bagginess perfectly calculated, but the lived-in vibe adds an air of effortlessness to all of our winter outfits. Plus, yes, you can layer your leggings under them. Need we say more? If you’re a skinny jean lover no matter the season and you’re still skeptical of the points we’ve risen, scroll on ahead to find 15 perfect winter boyfriend-jean outfits that may not get you to retire your skinny jeans for the season but will surely inspire you to give these slightly oversize jeans a try.

They look great in a Canadian tux. 

Wear them under your dress for extra warmth. 

Such a fun look. 

Be brave and don't wear them with legging underneaths. 

Behold your weekend brunch look. 

Tuck them inside your pants for a fun look. 

We want to re-create this outfit, stat. 

Cool and casual. 

Boyfriend jeans look best with leather jackets and Vans. 

Not to mention white boots. 

Balance the layering happening on the top of your outfit so you can wear your ripped boyfriend jeans with no problem. 

They make for a great museum outfit. 

You can even wear them to the beach. 

Take your boyfriend-jean obsession to the next level by opting for a colored pair. 

Keep your winter look simple by pairing your boyfriend jeans with a gray sweater and black booties. 

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