5 Issues Everyone Has With Skinny Jeans (and How to Fix Them)

Although Google’s latest trend report mentioned a decline in the skinny-jean trend, we still can’t get enough of the style. Yes, yes, we’re totally down with the cool wide-leg iterations too, but there’s no denying that it’ll be hard to completely break up with the slim denim that’s paired so perfectly with everything in our closets for so many years.

But let’s face it: The style does come with its leg of problems. It can take years to find the ultimate pair that’s not too tight in the knees, doesn’t sag in the butt, is slimming enough in the calf, but isn’t too tight in the thigh. Are we right? Well, if you’re still searching (and not giving up on skinnies altogether), we’re helping you find the perfect pair. That’s right—we enlisted NYC-based denim aficionado and 3x1 founder Scott Morrison to weigh in on the common problems people have with skinny jeans and offer solutions.

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