After Decades of "Having Nothing to Wear," I Fixed the Problem

Allyson Payer



The whole "I have nothing to wear" predicament is something we talk about a lot on Who What Wear. (This story about the science behind it is particularly interesting.) This is my personal experience with the dilemma, which I'm sharing in hopes that it could potentially solve your wardrobe problem, too. (After all, isn't that why you're reading this?)

Over the years, I've dramatically declared that I have nothing to wear countless times (despite a full closet of options at my disposal). And that's for one reason: I had somehow ended up with a closet full of T-shirts and sweaters, jeans, blazers, flats, and black handbags—they're what I feel most comfortable wearing. (That's me above, wearing some of those go-to pieces.) Sure, these pieces are timeless and versatile, but they basically combined to form one type of outfit that isn't appropriate for every situation.

Accordingly, over the past few years, I've made a point to shop for pieces that would help me form a wider variety of outfits. I wear jeans more than anything else, so I focused on adding dressier tops and heels to my wardrobe, and I've recently been making even more of an effort to diversify my wardrobe by shopping for more dresses, skirts, and trousers. Thinking that my solution may be the cure to your wardrobe woes too? Read on to shop "fancy" tops and heels that I'm loving at the moment.

Shop Tops:

The perfect thing to wear with denim.


Bowling shirt vibes (in a good way).

In case you need a break from animal print.

One can never have too many cool black tops.

Just the thing to layer under an oversize blazer this season.

I may never be over puffy-sleeve tops. 

This has a sheen to it that makes it even "fancier."

I'm very intrigued by the neck detail on this top.

Shop Heels:

These It shoes were just released in snake, and I think I'm in love.

Is it just me or do these look very expensive?

Loving the '80s vacation vibe these are giving off.

I'd buy these just because of the heel.

A small price to pay for shoes you'll have forever.

Wedges are back, and I'm pondering this is the pair.

I can't stop thinking about these simple, pretty shoes.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.