You Need This Under-$30 Top in Both Colors

Much like its dress counterpart, the wrap top is just one of those essentials everyone should own—preferably in multiples. Why? For starters, it’s a seasonless staple so you can wear it all year-round without having to rotate it in and out of your wardrobe. You can also dress a wrap top up or down depending on your mood and how you style it. Lastly, it’s a garment that’s known to be universally flattering, thanks to its waist-accentuating properties and tastefully open neckline.

Given all of this information, what do we do when we find an under-$30 wrap top that’s as good as the designer versions? We buy it in as many colors as it comes in. In the case of the Who What Wear collection version I’m highlighting today, that’s two, so you know what to do. Just keep scrolling to see how fashion girls style the staple and then shop ours for the season ahead.

In street style:

When the temperatures drop this fall, you can skip the jacket and instead layer a wrap top over a tee or thin sweater.

Monochrome is always a good styling idea to have in your back pocket.

Make your shirt feel work-ready by simply pairing it with trousers and heels.

Of course, everything looks good with jeans and slides, too.

On Instagram:

French girls are fans of the staple too, which I don't need to tell you is always a good sign.

Next time you grab your suit set, style it with a wrap top in place of your basic button-down or tee.

For a trend-forward moment, take yours for a spin with long shorts and strappy sandals.

Remember what I said about how flattering this top is? The neckline and slightly fitted waist are key.

They also make for great mirror moments.

WWW editor Kristen has self-described classic style, so it's only natural she's into wrap tops, too.

Love a matching set? We've got you covered there, too

Shop our wrap top:

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