This Stylish WWW Reader Is a Case Study in High-Low Style

Not be biased, but we kind of have the best community of Who What Wear readers. They're constantly showing us their A+ style game and inspiring how we think of the season's trends and our own approach to personal style. One reader, in particular, caught our attention for her uncanny ability to pair the newest Chloé bag with a classic Zara staple piece, a high-low combination that's certainly not lost on us.

Enter Amber Richele. The San Francisco–based wardrobe stylist has built a considerable Instagram following for her approachable style that mixes influences from her own mother, who Amber describes as "very fashion forward yet dresses age-appropriate," to her fierce commitment to putting together outfits that she says don’t try to do too much or force things and only embraces what seems to work for her. Oh, and she also admits to repeating outfits because she finds it fascinating to wear key pieces over and over in slightly different variations. "When I do shop for a new item, I have to think of three things I already have that I can wear it with, or I don’t buy it." We could all benefit from embracing this mindset when it comes to shopping.

When it comes to wardrobe basics, Amber's got it down to science. While mixing in key accessories like a Chloé bag and Gucci belt, she admits to always being on the hunt for style staples. "I recently discovered Oak & Fort when I was looking for a shearling denim coat and am now obsessed with them. For someone like me who loves sweaters of all shapes and sizes, it was like I died and went to heaven."

Get the look:

Amber's personal style in four words? Classic, versatile, and on trend. We couldn't agree more, especially after seeing this stylish monochromatic look. Versatile, indeed. She has an uncanny ability to mix high-street pieces like these contrasting ankle boots (yes, only $60) with her beloved Gucci shoulder bag. "It took me six months to get my hands on this bag, and it was well worth the wait."

As for the trends she is loving at the moment, bomber jackets of all colors and textures come in high on her list of top seasonal styles. "I just bought a mauve one from Alpha Industries that I can’t wait to wear."

Above all, we love how Amber can take a piece as specific (and a bit tricky to pull off) as camo pants and wear it as casually as anything else in her wardrobe. We'd venture to guess that it all comes down to having solid style staples, but we get the idea there's something more to the way she pulls off just about anything. Confidence, imagination, and a bit of playfulness are what we love most about each of Amber's cool looks.

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