I Seriously Need a Closet Revamp—Here's What to Buy If You're in a Style Slump

Who What Wear at Target



It's been a while, but there are actually things and events worth getting dressed for again. We might not be in stiletto-and–ball gown territory just yet, but might I say it feels so good to see that trips to the grocery store and excursions for bulk-size toilet paper aren't the only outings filling my agenda? Pieces that didn't get much play last year, like my leather pants and blazers, are now getting a second wind thanks to post-lockdown life, but looking at my closet overall, I'm realizing there's much to be desired. With so many pressing things happening in the world, it's fair to say that rehauling my wardrobe hasn't been a main priority.

The spirit of summer has a way of reinvigorating our style senses, and now I'm thoroughly committed to revamping my warm-weather wardrobe. To get out of my style slump, I've been shopping for statement pieces that make me feel excited about dressing up. Among them are vibrant matching sets and big sundresses with fun details and silhouettes. Below, I'm laying out my top contenders to add some pizzazz to your arsenal of clothes if you're currently bored, like I am. Keep scrolling to see them all.

Statement Sundresses

It's not summer without a sundress, and right now the bigger the better. Oversize, breezy dresses have been my wardrobe MVPs for a while now, like this summer-goth version from Who What Wear. For those that prefer a more tailored fit overall, try a dress with equally big dramatic sleeves.

Who What Wear at Target


Who What Wear at Target



'80s Florals

It's the spring trend that keeps on giving: '80s pastel florals dominated the runways last season, and if you're in the mood for a pattern to brighten up your collection of warm-weather attire, this one is a wise choice. 

Ruffled Minidresses

A style slump is an excellent time to get a little experimental, which is why I'm venturing out of my comfort zone to try my hand at minidresses. I'm a midi- and maxi-length girl through and through, but this ruffled mini is really winning me over.

Matching Sets

I could wax poetic all day about my love of matching sets (I actually did here), but I'll cut to the chase: They're versatile, chic, and really a no-brainer outfit. The gingham and floral patterns feel fresh in time for the season.

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