I Asked My Fashion Crew for the Trends They're All About—Here's the List

I Asked My Fashion Crew for the Trends They're All About—Here's the List

My Fashion Crew showcases a group of inspiring tastemakers along with the trends and shopping lists that guide their personal wardrobes.

While I have my own take on personal style, I'm routinely intrigued by how others define their sartorial point of view for further inspiration and exploration. That brings me to why I'm here today. I asked a group of some of my favorite style setters to share what matters most to them in the fashion universe right now.

This crew let me in on how they characterize their personal style at the moment and offered up the specific trends that align with their vibes. As a preview, the trends in question include everything from modern tailoring items to sleek accessories.

Below, you'll uncover various mood boards to show off my crew's style, complete with the pieces they're all about at the moment. If something catches your eye, there's a range of inspired shopping picks as well.

"My personal style is all about elevating basics and adding a splash of trendiness. It evolves based on the phases of life that I enter, but I tend to go for simple items that have a star quality about them—interesting necklines, vibrant colors, fun textures, and classic accessories. If you ask me to define my style a year from now, you'll probably get a completely different answer, but that's the beauty of experimenting with fashion. It's so liberating to know that, at any given moment, I can transform and personalize my style with the clothing items that I put on my body every day."

Ruched Details

"I've been loving anything ruched these days, and if I can control the amount of ruching, that's just another reason for me to add the item to my cart. It's so fun to be able to adjust how little or how much you're showing for the occasion. Right now, ruching just feels like the perfect embellishment to accompany the basics in my closet without completely transforming my typical style."

Bold Hues

"I'll be the first person to admit how much I love neutrals, but there's just something about wearing bold colors that feels uplifting and playful. The bright greens, oranges, and pinks make a huge statement, even with minimal styling. After months of monochrome black, brown, and gray, mixing colors feels like the source of fashion freedom I didn't know I needed."

Printed Pants

"Printed pants is the fun, experimental, and attention-grabbing trend that I've been seeing all over my Instagram feed, and for good reason. It's been a full year of neglecting the pants in my closet and turning exclusively to sweats and running shorts Monday through Friday. It finally feels like time to turn it up a notch and add a little bit of spice to the simple bottoms in my closet."

"I would describe my personal style as effortless, chic, and timeless. My wardrobe consists mainly of neutral colors with easy-to-put-together items that give me the high-end look that I often aim for."

Oversize Blazers

"Such a versatile piece—you can wear it with a pair of sweats or simply with a tee and jeans. Instantly makes an outfit look 'cool' without trying too hard."

Bucket Hats

"I wear it whether it's at the beach or with a casual street style look. I wear it all year long. A classic piece, in my opinion."

High-Waisted Trousers

"If you follow me on Instagram, you definitely know me as the high-waisted pant guy. I’m happy to see more guys embracing that trend. I love high-waisted pants because of the vintage flair they bring to a look. Most of the pairs I own are thrifted."

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"My personal style is always evolving, but over the past few years, there's definitely been a consistent theme when it comes to dressing myself. I like to wear pared-back minimal pieces that go with almost everything else in my wardrobe. My outfits are always pretty simple and relaxed, and I aim for a put-together but effortless look most days."

Elevated Flip-Flops

"These absolute 'must-have' sandals are a great way to update your flip-flop game by adding a little more edge and sophistication to your outfit. I'd team mine with floaty summer dresses, tapered trousers, or leather shorts."

Woven Bags

"It looks like basket bags are here to stay, whether it's wicker or raffia. Adding this cult bag is a great addition for your spring and summer wardrobe. They're a great way to make an outfit look incredibly effortless."

Striped Knits

"I am obsessed with striped jumpers this spring—they're a great way to add a little more dimension into your everyday outfit. I throw mine over my trench coat and across the shoulders for the ultimate on-the-go look."

"My style is a representation of a taller, comfortable, semi-sassy male who's very well aware that comfort is first and that there's no such thing as 'limit.' Getting dressed, for me, comes naturally because my inspiration every morning is literally however the sky is looking down on my Brooklyn apartment."

Oversize Suiting

"I'm currently obsessed with oversize suiting. I appreciate the comfort in any piece I wear, but there's something so soothing about an oversize suit." 


Chic Slides

"Slides like the men's Socorro Baba by Sabah are to die for. I have featured them several times in my rotation and still can't get enough of them."

Multiple Rings

"Eight or more fingers filled with rings sounds like a lot to many, but to me, it sounds like me wrapping myself in a blanket. Ha ha! Without rings, my outfits are incomplete. It has and still currently is my biggest obsession—hence why I've started my own line of rings. Sheekss (launching soon—@SheekssJewelry on Instagram) is the name, and layering is the game."


"I would describe my style as simple, modern, and with neutral colors. Most days, what I wear depends on how I feel."

Statement Shirts

"I feel like you can always pair oversize shirts with pretty much any outfit. I always wear my shirts open with a vest underneath."

Wide-Leg Trousers

"I'm obsessed with high-waisted trousers! Either wide-leg or flared, I love the retro feels this brings to any outfit you want to put together—whether that's pairing with just a vest tucked into trousers or a relaxed-fit shirt. I don't think I can ever go back to slim-fit jeans or trousers now."

Fresh Florals

"I have always been a fan of revere-collar shirts, especially when they are a bit oversize. I tend to always go toward floral prints for spring and summer."

"I would say I'm a minimalist at heart with a maximalist soul. I'm British to the core—a bit eccentric, low-key, and mostly dressed down."

Cage Sandals

"The Row dropped its beautiful Gaia 2 sandals last year, and the brand has thankfully continued the style for 2021. There are also some great iterations coming through from other brands (at some slightly more manageable price points!)."

Lilac-Colored Pieces

"This is my current favorite hue for spring and summer. It feels really fresh, and I love it paired with yellow."

White Socks

"The humble white sock is having a moment. Completely unbranded works best matched with simple loafers."

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"I am pretty eclectic when it comes to my style, and it really depends on how I feel that day. Some days, I'll be street style ready, while on other days I'll dress up like a little Parisian grandma. I do have a love for a good monochrome outfit, and if I really had to describe my style, I'd probably say minimal with a twist. I prefer my lines clean and simple but with a little bit of edge thrown in."

Relaxed Jeans

"Still hot off the '90s trend and a much easier transition from the sweatpants we have all grown accustomed to during winter 2020, baggy jeans are the perfect bottom for us to reintroduce ourselves to society. Every denim brand on the market should have a nice pair of relaxed denim in its lineup, but I personally usually just grab mine from Uniqlo. Its women’s relaxed jeans are comfortable, and I don't feel as bad if I want to do some DIY to them."

Puffy Bags

"Of course, no outfit would be complete without the perfect bag. Ever since the recent resurgence of Bottega Veneta, it has been a trendsetter in the bag world. The brand made puffy bags cool, introduced chunky chains, and brought an appreciation for elevated minimalism. My current favorite bag is my Chanel 19, which encompasses a few of those trends (chunky chain, minimal, puffy, practical), and I think that it would be perfect for spring if you were to get it in a fun color."

Chunky Boots

"While this is a trend that started this past fall and winter, it is definitely one that transitions gracefully into the spring season. Whether it's Prada, Bottega, or Stella McCartney, you were sure to see a pair of those chunky boots strutting into your life. My personal favorites are the Bottega Tire Boots with their minimal-with-an-edge twist, which makes them super versatile and ups every outfit by a couple of inches."