We've Collectively Tried 56 Trends This Year—These Register With Us the Most

So far, our day-to-day uniforms this year have consisted of a lot of loungewear pieces. That said, given our roles as fashion editors, we still have tested out a variety of new trends to mix it up from time to time. We actually tallied up the trends we have collectively tried, and the number came to about 56. Yep, that's a lot of fresh looks. While all are unique and forward in their own right, there are, naturally, front-runners among this offering.

With all that in mind, we thought we'd highlight the seven trends that have registered the most with us so far this season. These looks fit flawlessly with our personal styles, are versatile, are playful, and/or are easy to style.

Keep scrolling to check out a few of the key trends we're gravitating toward the most. You'll also find inspired shopping picks throughout in case you want to test out one of the trends in question.

Judith Jones, senior market editor

The best pink items for women



Total trends tried: 5
The trend that registers the most: bubblegum-pink items

"One trend that has been easy to integrate into my daily wardrobe (and has, no doubt, been boosting my mood lately) is bubblegum-pink hues. I've been wearing the color in the form of tops and knits and can't wait to invest in a fun pink dress for summer."

Yusra Siddiqui, assistant market editor

Total trends tried: 9
The trend that registers the most: whimsical printed items

"So far in 2021, I think I've tried around nine trends, which seems crazy because I feel like the year just started. My favorite of all definitely has to be kitschy/whimsical printed knits. They've definitely been my most bought and worn pieces. I think they're not only fun but are also easy to style since the item itself is already attention-grabbing! Just add a pair of jeans or neutral pants and you're good to go."

Allyson Payer, senior editor

The best corset tops for women



Total trends tried: 11
The trend that registers the most: Corset-inspired tops

"Sometimes, I just want to wear jeans and a cute top and call it a day. I've ordered a couple of pretty corset-inspired tops recently, and when paired with jeans, they make you look like you tried even though zero effort was required."

Lauren Eggertsen, senior fashion editor

The best boots for women



Total trends tried: 8
The trend that registers the most:
cow-printed items

"This trend isn't the newest or most forward by any means, but there is just something about cow print that always makes me smile. I have a couple of cow-print shoes that I love, but these boots are the one trend-driven item I wear way more than all the others in my closet. Whenever I'm feeling rather lazy with my outfit (e.g., jeans and a button-down), these printed shoes really elevate my look with minimal effort."

Kristen Nichols, senior fashion editor

Total trends tried: 10
The trend that registers the most:
saturated hues

"I'm usually someone who gravitates to neutrals, but the saturated shades that have been hitting runways and retailers have won me over. My wardrobe is definitely ready for a dose of fun."

Total trends tried: 10
The trend that registers the most:
leather blazers

"Yep, I'm still on my leather-blazer kick. It adds a relaxed yet cool vibe to my outfits, and based on the sheer number of times I've worn mine this year, it should be considered a wardrobe staple at this point. The versatility is the best part—it goes with everything from jeans to dresses to skirts." 

Erin Fitzpatrick, senior news editor

Total trends tried: 3
The trend that registers the most: Bridgerton-inspired clothing

"I'm actually not one to try out a lot of trends, but the Bridgerton-inspired vibe is really speaking to me right now. Think wallpaper prints, square and sweetheart necklines, cap sleeves, vintage-inspired jewelry, and more. It's perfect for cute summer dresses and tops. I especially love my Reformation top in this sweet print that's available in several different styles."