I'm a Fashion Editor Living in NYC, and I Promise You'll Love These Pieces

“My life… it’s kinda crazy.” 

That viral TikTok sound is pretty accurate when describing what living in New York City is like for a 20-something. I’m literally always on the go and my social calendar is constantly slammed, which is something I’m extremely grateful for.

A typical day for me includes multiple outfit changes usually starting off with my WFH uniform, transitioning into a professional but trendy outfit for fashion meetings IRL, and finishing out with a good pair of heels and anything that feels dressed up for dinner with my friends. If I’m lucky, I’ll run home for my final mirror selfie followed by a good night out. 

For that reason, I depend on wardrobe staples that can do it all. A particular brand currently has my heart. I recently confessed to a co-worker that I can’t remember the last time I left the house and I wasn’t wearing Who What Wear Collection, and it made me dig a little deeper as to why that is. 

The brand’s signature DNA echoes the ethos of fashion for all, no matter where life takes you. I’ve found the pieces in the collection to be the most versatile in my wardrobe right now and am wearing them, well quite literally everywhere. Each piece has its own little personality trait that makes it unique while also being extremely versatile meaning that I can wear them in so many different ways. While I’m currently daydreaming about the next drop, let’s take a little browse through my current favorite new arrivals from the brand that I can’t stop wearing. I’m already thinking of rebuying some of them in alternate color schemes.

First off, let’s talk about this bodysuit. I didn’t expect this when I ordered it but the knit fabric is so soft. Whenever the weather starts to get colder, I always face the challenge of finding tops that I can wear on a night out without freezing. Sasha here resolved all of my problems.

I have never received more compliments on an item than this shearling jacket. On top of that, the people who compliment me on it usually follow that up by asking where it’s from. All you need to complete an outfit is in this jacket.

I was nervous that I wouldn’t like the mint-green color, but with that pretty seafoam, but it did not disappoint.

Another winter going out top that I have a lot of love for. The extra-deep open neck is as pretty as its ruched lining. This one pairs well with every skirt I own.

You’ll want to take a closer look at that subtle marble print.

Dressing up like a layered cake was on my to-do list for this holiday season, and this dress pulled through. Whenever December begins to creep up on me, I know I need to be prepared for unexpected holiday festivities. I ordered this dress a few weeks before the holidays kicked off without any specific event lined up on my calendar. It certainly came in handy a few nights ago when I dressed it up for a star-studded event that had all of the holiday vibes.

The search for the perfect white tee is an endless journey. I’m a firm believer that one should accumulate a plethora of styles to work with for any occasion. I love my oversize baggy white tees as much as my cropped ones. In this case, a plain white tee that comes in the shape of a bodysuit is perfect for underneath a suit.

At only $35, I know this will be added to my cart next time I checkout.

My WFH uniform has to be designed for both comfort and the many errands and appointments that come along with the job. This bodysuit is so comfortable to wear for spending hours at my desk or running around town. The subtle ribbing details feel so luxe.

Currently wearing this under a sweatshirt so the collar can play hide and seek.

See how good it looks when you wear it with a skirt?

What's on My Wish List

I just imagined buttoning this up and adding a belt, so now I’m sold.

The wear-everywhere top that I’ll get so much use out of.

After overthinking my outfit for hours, I recently wore this on a dinner date and had no regrets.

I’ve been wearing the black pair so much lately that I’m ready to try the latte color.