Watch Brands That Are Well Worth the Investment

Watches are largely the accessory to get overlooked in the face of other trends with which to adorn your wrists, ears and neck. But what makes watches such an unwaveringly classic accessory is not their adherence to the trend-cycle but their definitive function over simply accessorizing an outfit. More than ever, we’ve noticed a turn away from investing in a timepiece because, well, the digital clocks on our phones and laptops are so readily accessible. Yet watches remain the one item that stands to last for generations on end, proving that they're  worthy investment pieces, indeed.

So you might be thinking where to start looking to find the chicest watches out there. If you’re searching for a long-lasting piece, consider the question of where to buy quality watches solved. In the below selection, you’ll find everything from sleek chain-link bracelets to stunning crystal-embellished faces. In other words, there’s sure to be a watch to fit your personal style. Below, shop the brands whose investment-worthy watches will always be timeless.