Anatomy of a Stylish Beach Trip: 5 Pieces Every Fashion Girl Owns

If you've read any of our five million swimsuit stories this year, you probably have your bikini purchase already sorted. But if you're headed to the beach anytime soon, you'll need a few accessories in addition to your cute new swimsuit. How else are you going to hide your stash of White Claw and store your gobs of sunscreen?

Even though I'm a Southern California native, I'm never really organized when it comes to beach accessories. I usually empty out an old canvas tote I got for free and haphazardly throw things in there. But since I want to be a bit more put-together this summer, below, I'm rounding up the five accessories every fashion girl brings to the beach. 

1. Cute Beach Chair and Towel

Sorry, your old bath towels just won't cut it at the beach. Not only are they too small, but they're also definitely not as cute as these beach towels below. 

best beach towels


stylish beach chairs





2. Beach Tote

Don't you love it when fashion can be practical? A roomy tote is a foolproof buy for your next beach trip. 



3. Colorful Umbrella

I don't know if it's the pale Irish girl in me, but going to the beach without any shade is my idea of hell. Bring a cute umbrella to offer some much-needed respite from the summer sun. 

cute beach umbrellas



4. Sun Hat 

Another practical, functional beach accessory: a sun hat. Whether you opt for a traditional straw hat or a cute canvas bucket hat, don't forget to protect your face from harmful UV rays. 

5. Swimsuit Cover-Up

Last but not least, a swimsuit cover-up is always a good idea if you don't want to be shimmying into your skinny jeans after a dip in the ocean. Choose light, breezy pieces that you can easily put on and take off.