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Welcome to wedding season, folks. You can't hide from it, so might as well embrace it, right? When choosing what to wear to a summer wedding, one of the first things we think about is whether or not the outfit will look good in photos—because there will undoubtedly be a lot of them.

After attending (and looking at Instagrams from) our fair share of weddings, we've determined there's a simple three-piece outfit formula that always looks great in photos. It includes simple accessories that still stand out, shoes that are both cool and walkable, the dress style that will never fail you, and an all-important lightweight jacket.

This wedding outfit combination is great because none of the elements overpower each other, it's flattering and feminine, it's neither too fancy nor too casual, and it's special enough to ensure that you'll stand out from the crowd (without upstaging the bride, of course). Ready to see your new go-to summer wedding outfit?

See illustrated proof of this five-piece outfit's brilliance and shop each element of it below!


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Wear a pair of statement earrings and you won't need to worry about wearing any other jewelry (seriously). Whether you opt for metal or chic black tassels, you can rest assured your earrings won't clash with the rest of your look, and your selfie game will be on point.


A floral-print midi or maxi dress is always a lovely option for summer weddings. It may seem like we're stating the obvious, but you truly can't go wrong with one as they're always appropriate and will make you look and feel pretty.


Even in the summer, you'll want to have a lightweight jacket on hand. It can get chilly at night and there's a good chance that the AC will be blasting if the wedding takes place indoors. We love a chic cropped jacket or something less expected like a kimono or drapey trench thrown over your shoulders.


A mini bag is a wedding no-brainer, and it's particularly helpful this year as the style is such a trend. The options are limitless, as crossbody bags, pouches, and clutches currently abound on the market.

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Our wedding shoes of choice are block-heel mule sandals. The heels give you a flattering lift, and you can still walk (and dance the night away) in them. Just be sure to choose something a little fancy, e.g., satin, metallic leather, or an embellished pair.

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