6 Tips for Being the Best Dressed Guest at a Wedding


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As someone who has already been to more weddings this season than I can count, I can tell you that topping the imaginary best dressed list goes far beyond the dress itself. I’ve seen my fair share of dos and don’ts, the former of which will be the topic of today’s post. From making sure your dress is perfectly tailored to the accessories you need to keep top of mind, I’ve got six tips that will help you nail your look for the next wedding on your calendar. The good news is that they’re all almost too easy.

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From cocktail hour to the ceremony to the dance floor, you never know what can happen over the course of a wedding. That’s why you always need to come prepared with anything you may need in the event of a wardrobe mishap. The bare minimum, if you ask me, is Band-Aids (for blisters), fashion tape (for a slip-prone strap or unraveling hem), and safety pins (too many uses to count).


This sounds like a style choice, but it’s not. Sure, your shoes should match your outfit, but if you’re wearing a gown, odds are they won’t get much exposure anyway. What’s more important is that your shoes are comfortable and you can walk confidently in them, especially after a long night of dancing.


No matter how gorgeous it is, if a dress doesn’t fit well, consider it a waste. If you must, spend a little less on a gown, and put the money you saved toward making sure the bodice and hem are tailored to perfection. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Of all the bags in the world, clutches are the ones we’re probably least likely to buy (or own multiple of). My secret for always having my clutch match my dress perfectly? Borrowing one. Between your mom, friends, and sisters, someone is bound to have the bag for you. Plus, most of the time, something metallic or black will work, but bonus points for nailing the perfect complementary shade. It makes a difference.


If you dress up and don’t take a picture, did it even happen? Worse yet—what if you take a bad one and it’s all over the wedding hashtag? Avoid this dreadful scenario by nailing the perfect pose for you and your dress before the event. We have countless tips on taking your most photogenic photo here.


Not only can a belt help accentuate your figure, but it’s an underrated and unexpected accessory that will get you major style points. Just be sure to choose something that matches and is formal. Depending on your dress, that can be anything from satin to metal to grosgrain.

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Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour
Senior Market Editor

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