These Pilates Outfits Are Stylish and Practical

here's what to wear to Pilates class



Kudos to you! You just signed up for your first Pilates class. Naturally, you're not quite sure what to expect—and you definitely aren't certain about what to wear to Pilates to ensure you're reaping the full benefits of the hour-long exercise session. So to help ease the stress and eliminate any uncertainty before you walk into the studio, we decided to put together a simple outfit guide to follow when putting together your next fitness look. Bonus: The pieces below are both stylish and practical.

Pilates, much like yoga, focuses on posture, balance, and flexibility and works to strengthen the body. Because of this, your workout attire should be comfortable and non-restricting (there's a lot of bending, stretching, and twisting involved), body-hugging (formfitting tops are essential in ensuring the instructor is able to see muscle movement during the workout), and, of course, breathable and sweat-wicking. Another important thing worth mentioning? Pilates is typically done barefoot, so no need to worry about purchasing the proper sneakers. Instead, either go shoe-free or opt for a pair of non-slip grip socks to help with traction. Still stressed about what to wear? Then read on to shop the four essential pieces that make up the perfect Pilates outfit.

1. Comfortable leggings

2. A good sports bra

3. A formfitting tank top

4. Non-slip grip socks

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