I Studied Cool Work Outfits to Figure Out What to Wear to a Conference

Workwear might be the chicest way to dress, period. 

Even on the weekends, I like to lean into business casual–inspired attire such as button-down shirts, wide-leg trousers, and oversize totes. Tailoring is also a great aspect of workwear that I must touch on.

My friend has her first-ever work conference coming up, and she is really excited but has no idea what to wear. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to make a few suggestions for her. She’s after pieces that she can style in multiple ways since she’s only traveling with a carry-on and may need to rewear a thing or two. She has a more minimalistic wardrobe, something I love about her, but would go for a striped moment or a unique outerwear piece. Below, find 10 outfits to wear for a work conference.


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Contrary to popular belief a black suit is anything but boring. Don't underestimate the power of suiting. When you walk into the room, people will just assume you're important. Every time you wear it, try pairing it with different accessories, and you'll never get bored.

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Introducing the new prep. Fashion people are all over the idea of taking classic preppy items and styling them in an elevated way. This is an easy way to instantly look polished and play with layers on your work trip.

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When it comes to workwear, rotating cotton poplin button-down shirts is always the move, but if you occasionally get bored of them, you need to try this. Vertical stripes are low-key so flattering. Try a striped shirt for fresh look.

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Let your inner Elle Woods out while introducing yourself to people at your work conference. A dash of pink will easily make your business-casual wardrobe feel like a lot more fun. Plus, a pink skirt is something you can wear to everything on the calendar.

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Outerwear will be key when planning your work trip because you're most likely just packing a carry-on (meaning there's only room for one good coat). Nothing says "nice to meet you" better than a statement faux-fur number.

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You'll instantly strike a pose in an outfit like this. This is the kind of work-conference outfit that will make everyone want to introduce themselves to you. Hello, new friends!

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If you're lucky enough to get away with wearing jeans at the conference, I encourage you to take the opportunity in full force. Whenever you want your denim to look more elevated, go for a dark wash.

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With the return of skinny pants nearing, I'm planning to ease into them. A skinny flare is a great way to do that. Pairing it with an oversize blazer creates interesting proportions. 

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My inner prep-school child is all about this look. A blazer, classic skirt, and loafers will be the kind of work-conference outfit that you'll want to wear on the weekends too.

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Release your inner Chanel and Celine girl with a French-inspired tweed jacket. Nothing says "I mean business" better than a bit of tweed.

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