True Fashion People Are Rule Breakers—8 Ways They're Wearing White Denim Now

There was a time when wearing white jeans at any time of year besides the summer was a true fashion faux pas. White jeans were for summer, and blue jeans were for everything else—no room for debate. While many traditional folks still buy into this narrative, fashion people tend to disagree. What can I say? We like to break the rules. Wearing white jeans whenever it feels like the right time to put them on is exactly what I would expect from the fashion crowd, and I've been seeing a lot of it lately.

With the vanilla-girl aesthetic on the rise, there hasn't been a better time to wear white denim in any which way that you like it. Whether you're after the "winter whites" look or you're going for a wardrobe revamp, these eight outfits will inspire your white-denim adventures.



White jeans tend to pair well with ultra-cozy outfits. Just add an oversize polo sweater and Uggs.

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There's just something about a bold shade of green that never gets old.

These are my kind of white jeans.



Nothing is more effortlessly cool than a sweater thrown over the shoulders. Styling your white jeans with a button-down shirt is a no-brainer.

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It's the simple things in life that end up going a long way.

Levi's will always be a crowd favorite.

This Toteme bustier top will forever live in my mind rent-free. Styling white jeans with a statement top is most definitely a good idea.

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Get it before all the fashion people scoop it up.

H&M jeans always get our readers' stamp of approval.

Now this is my kind of workday attire. When I want to get out the door quickly, a blazer and jeans never fails me. So why not try switching it up with a white pair?

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This designer bag is creeping up on my wish list.

This blazer has been on my list for quite some time.

The way a cream sweater immediately was added to my cart after seeing this look. There's just something about the way these separates pair so well together.

This black-and-gold combo is epic.

Nothing is more cool girl than a tailored vest paired with a mock-neck sweater. This is your sign to try the look for yourself.

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The layering opportunities are endless.

We live for a good wardrobe staple.

I'll take my jeans as wide as humanly possible.



In the winter, putting together a polished look can be hard, but in this case, white jeans came to the rescue. Just make sure you don't spill your coffee.

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The texture will live in my dreams forever.

I'm currently stockpiling versatile basics.



If I could describe my Saturdays with just one image, it would be this one. I like for my wardrobe staples to come together and create a cohesive look.

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One of my favorite bags on the market right now.