6 Versatile Pieces That'll Take You From Day to Night

There’s a lot of talk within fashion about “day-to-night dressing” and “work-to-weekend wardrobes,” but how often can you say that you wore the same skirt from your 10 a.m. meeting to your 10 p.m. drinks? We get it—not everything is made equally, and we’re not at all likely to wear our work trousers to a bar. But every now and again, we find ourselves gravitating toward those hero pieces that are still so cool you’ll want to take them into nighttime, too.

That denim jacket you love? Try out a glam embellished version. The six pieces we’re highlighting today are both obvious and yet not, because we’ve all been there when Friday night rolls around you find yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear,” while your friends are getting ready to go out. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder (and some inventive styling) for us to realize what to wear to a bar is already sitting in our closets.

See (and shop) the coolest standout pieces that you can wear pretty much every which way, day or night, from the office to the happy hour.